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Happy birthday

I listen to a million podcasts but I’ve never left a review before. I wanted to leave CVV a review for two reasons: one, I think he’s earned it; and two, I wanted to help him reach his birthday goal. Vague goals get vague results, CVV gets five starts. Happy birthday!

Must Listen

I have this podcast in my rotation while I’m out doing Uber Eats. (Helps pay for my expensive golf habits) I find myself going back and listening to previous episodes before I became a fan. The way Chris connects with his guests makes for the best conversations. Keep up the great work CVV -Terry in Wadsworth, OH

CVV is the man!

Chris’s show is THEE show! I love his interview style; he always seems to be in a good mood & always seems to be very positive with his guests. I’m glad he’s switched up his show to include non-wrestling guests & look forward to seeing what he does next. Had to get this review in for his birthday so Happy Birthday Chris, keep up the great work! 👍

Happy Birthday, Chris

Gage episode is my first listen and I haven’t even listened yet but happy birthday

Great interviews!

Great interviews! Well thought out questions and great flow to the conversations.

:) “Insight” “poop”, I’ve been listening to the audio since the first podcast upload

At the beginning of Chris’s most recent episode he said to use those words in the review so I’m hoping my review makes it onto his next episode. But in all seriousness, I started listening to podcast back in summer 2019, I was starting a new job, and I’d see his reviews popping up on YouTube. He had just started the podcast version and I was hooked immediately and look forward every week for new episodes. Chris’s interviewing techniques are ones to take example of and one’s I will use in my first interview with a pro-wrestler coming up. He even inspired me and my old college roommate to start up our own show and name it after J

CVV best in the biz!

The Nick Gage interview was incredible!


Love CVV great interviewer always positive and a hard worker. HBD



Happy Birthday CVV

Fantastic show, fantastic host. Hope to get past 2k before Kane’s least favorite day.

Killing it!

My Boy Chris is one of the best wrestling interview podcast out right now! Why meat with the rest when you can have the best!

Great interviews!

Love the show! Great questions! HBD !


Love listening to the podcast. Never fails to intrigue and give perspective. Beyond that the show manages to always leave me with a feeling of motivation. Keep of the good work!

Max Weng

Chris is the best interviewer I’ve ever listened to. When I listen to him, talk to other wrestlers, it’s like I’m sitting in an arena listening to them talking. Chris has done an amazing job with this podcast and he has built it from the ground up. What a legend

CVV is the best!

Been listening to CVV for over a year now, and hands down one of the best if not the best wrestling interviewer. I really enjoy the content, has on great guest, knows exactly what kind of questions to ask. The interviews run by so fast, and I really like how he ends every interview by asking his guest to name 3 things that they are grateful for. Keep up the good work CVV.


Amazing Show

Great podcast

One of the best wrestling podcast you can listen too. Chris has great interviews with great guests.

CVV is the Fink of podcasting!

Happy Birthday CVV from another broke wrestling fan!! Sorry this is all I could get ya. I started listening to the CVV podcast from day one and was a HUGE fan of the YouTube show. Chris is not only an incredible interviewer but he is an incredible mind for the wrestling industry. Episodes are Always captivating and full of detail and Chris ask questions you won’t hear in every other interview. A calm, relaxed interview setting makes for the fastest 45 minutes/hour of your life! Thanks for all you do for our beloved world of pro wrestling and thank you for the continued hard work every single day! Keep the content comin!


What makes Chris great to watch is you can tell he’s enjoying every moment of this. With him it feels like he’s representing the fans. He also seems like a great guy off camera which is always a plus 👍


I enjoy al of your amazing show keep up the great work it’s awesome enjoy your podcast and your YouTube show all the time you are the best in the world you are number one of the year boy Hall of Fame of the year


Love ya Chris your interviews are so in depth!!! Great content!!!!

If you like wrestling this is the podcast for you

Love this guy! His interviews are amazing and very insightful. I’ve been watching sense his interview with dolph Ziggler being on a hiatus 2 years ago and watch/listened to every episode sense. If you love wrestling this podcast is for you!

Great podcast

I really enjoy the show

One of the best interviewers around

His interviews are second to none! Keep up the good work. CVV!

5 Stars All day

Chris you’re unbelievably great at your job! I’ve been watching your videos for a long time now, maybe even some of the earliest interviews when I was younger if you had some up back in 2016? But glad you’re at the top of wrestling interviews on YouTube & Podcast! Insight is such a cool Peak into the wild & interesting lives of so many successful folks! Hope to work alongside you & maybe get interviewed for something I accomplish one day as well.

Awesome podcast, awesome host

CVV’s “insight” is like no other wrestling podcast. He’s gets in deep without getting too deep, and we get details from our favorite wrestlers that we can only think imagine. Emmy well-deserved CVV! Let’s keep them 5 stars rolling.


Good podcast


One of the top podcasts in the world.


CVV is an amazing interviewer! Truly enjoy his wrestling interviews and love the added motivation he includes in every episode! Must listen


Just found this podcast today. Already hooked. Finding my self just listing to everything.