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Chris is the Man (Sorry Becks)

It is an absolute pleasure to get an insight into the lives of my childhood heroes through Chris’ questions. I am a huge pro-wrestling fan and Chris picks the best questions for all his guests. You’ve always replied to me on TikTok, which I don’t expect, but since you take time out of your day for a like, I’ll take time for a post. Amazing work Chris, do not stop!

Top notch

Absolutely love ur podcast! Listening to ur show has become part of my routine . Ur professional and very knowledgeable on the wrestling business. I can tell ur respected in the business by the way ur guest talk and joke with u. Keep up the great work. Thank you.

My favorite podcast!

CVV is a consummate professional and an amazing host. It feels wrong to use the word “interviews”, so I’ll say his “conversations” with all of guests are amazing! His questions are thoughtful and often initiate a very ‘insight’ful conversation😉. Love listening while I’m driving. Thanks Chris for keeping us entertained and keep up the amazing work!

Chris please Read this on your Show

IM BACK! Had to write another review for Chris! Been a fan now for a good amount of time! I really enjoy these episodes because Chris is a great person to have a conversation with! You could probably talk to Chris for hours! He bring people from all over the world and in different walks of life! I always check when he uploads a new episode and listen to it right away! Thanks for the great podcast!!

Chris Vv

Chris has an amazing ability to create a comfort zone so early on in his interviews that the good stuff flows early and easily. Pros pro.

Chris Van Passion!

Can’t beat Chris’s enthusiasm and passion to learn about people, what makes them who they are and what they do. Keep up the great work, Chris!

Best wrestling interviewer

CVV has always been my favorite wrestling interviewer due to his amazing preparation and outstanding questions. He always brings a type of entertainment that doesn’t take away from the guest but still showcases how awesome of an interviewer he is.

Thank you Chris!

Like many people i suffer from anxiety, my mind races and I just need something calm to listen to or watch on YouTube. We can always count on you to provide calm, peaceful and entertaining interviews, thank you Chris! Time to pick an episode on YouTube to watch! 5 stars!


You guys are so amazing! Keep up the great work!


Always informed on various topics when I listen.

outstanding podcast

Great stuff delivered in understanding way. Thank you!! I look forward to everyone!


Absolutely fantastic podcast. I've learned so much. Thanks!

Thank you

Thank you so much for doing this podcast. It is very informative and helpful to me.

Thank You!

This podcast is awesome. I’m learning so much . Thank you.


This podcast is literally the best thing ever to listen to! I just love it soo much !😀😃😄😁😆😅😂🤣☺️😊😇🙂🙃😉😌😍🥰😘😗😙😚😋😛😝😜🤪🤨🤩🥳😎🤓👍🏼


One of the most popular podcasts ever!

Super interesting

I think most all episodes are informing and useful for informing people.


I like this podcast more than is comfortable.


I love this podcast!!! It’s great!




I love this podcast so much! I often listen to you guys.


Favorite podcast!

Love it!

I love this Podcast! I look forward to it every day!


Best podcast I’ve listened to. Love you!

It’s really good.

Pretty Good!

Eric Biscohoff

Your an amazing interviewer. Don’t be giving over an hour of time to let people like this guy talk. Stop giving them platforms to spurt their nonsense. There is a difference between true constructive criticism (which even as an AEW fan, they could still use a lot of it) and just plain bad faith takes. He’s a nobody in wrestling and has been for well over a decade at this point. A guy who had a huge part in killing a company and a huge part in nearly killing another has no space to be telling anyone how to “fix” a successful barely 3 year old company.

Santa Claus Belives in CVV! 🎅🏽👍

The Chris Van Vliet Show features an outstanding list of guests granting insight into the world of wrestling from those who work hard, not just in the ring, but also behind the curtain. Chris has a talent for asking poignant questions like a good journalist, but his enthusiasm as a wrestling fan always shines through. And what does this have to do with Santa? Well, Chris’ positive attitude and passion for what he does hasn’t gone unnoticed. and his signature sign-off makes for some great advice. So much so, that this year’s letter from Santa to my kids included this very important message: Be great. Be grateful.


This is my first podcast still my favourite it. Keep up the great work!!

Love this show

Love it. Makes my week and honestly I want more.


I listen from week to week never miss this amazing podcast.