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Great interviewer

Chris has a great ability to connect with his guests. They trust him and this leads to incredible deep answers to his questions. I love his ability to lower their defenses and communicate with them as two friends naturally talk. I look forward to his podcasts every week. He is a master.

A different spin on podcasting

As I’ve listened to 100s of shows while at work. I am not invested in many as I am to listening to CVV. It appears that unlike others he’s taking us in a journey with people we watch on TV. I’m looking forward to years more of entertainment and education about our favorite stars.

CVV the man, the myth, the inspiration. UPDATED

Updated review** 👏 Listening to the Ryan Pineda episode right now, such a great guest. One of my side hustles happens to be content creation for a house flipper and this episode has really inspired me to pitch a full time gig with this successful flipper. Thank you for the diverse guests! Carrot top was amazing! I feel like your show is a road map to taking action on goals. Thank you CVV! Hands down my favorite podcast, favorite host. “Vague goals get vague results” -CVV show. Is written real big at the top of my white board because it’s not only true but an effective way to stay focused. Your conversations are easily digestible and a treat while I’m out making deliveries. I appreciate your show as a great way to stay positive in such a crazy time through this pandemic. You have inspired me to take action on my goals as well as launch my very own show. The Room Sound Podcast, on music and inspiration to grow and create. Thank you for what you do. GIVE CVV A TV SHOW! (But please don’t stop this podcast, EVER!) -Cory

Shout out CVV! From NY CERTIFIED

It’s MR CAKE AVE from the NY CERTIFIED PODCAST (available wherever podcast are available!) to shout out a Great podcast! with a fresh new set! Amazing interviews & even more amazing host! It’s the C! V! V! Bay bay! (Adam cole voice) love the show! ✊🏽

Well DESERVED 5 stars!

, I never mind helping out with reviews, especially when it involves deserving causes!

Great podcast!

Love listening to Chris Van Vliet. He's a great interviewer and his episodes truly provide great insight into the lives and careers of his guests - especially the wrestlers. One of my favorite long-form interview shows out there!

Mount Rushmore of podcasts

Long time wrestling fan and listener of the podcast. My favorite part is getting to catch up with some of my favorite wrestlers. CVV always asks intriguing questions and keeps a great pace. I can’t recommend his podcast enough! Keep up the work and thanks for putting out as many interviews as you do! Happy Holidays!

Darby is so cool

Great interview people need to hear and implement positivity in such an negative world. There are ways to be successful but be true to you.

Why are Chris’s so great?

For some reason the people I look up to are all named Chris. From my favorite power ranger chris khayman Lee to my favorite wrestler Chris Jericho and now my favorite podcaster Chris Van Vliet. Every time I listen to Chris it always inspires me to make my own content better. In my opinion chris is the standard bearer for any interviewer to aspire to be like. Keep up the great work man and hopefully one day I’ll get to interview you. Also thank you again for messaging me back on Twitter and giving me advice. I’ve taken it to heart and this month I am proud to say I will have my own table at 2 wrestling shows and a comic con. You’re great! - Christian Ingram

Yes!!! I’ve being waiting for this!

Chris is the best interviewer and I’m so glad he decided to start this podcast so I can listen to these interviews anywhere. You’re the man! Keep up the amazing work!! 🙌

5 stars! ✨

Insight with CVV is hands down my favorite podcast! Chris is so uplifting and positive and always has such inspirational, motivating guests on his show. Can’t wait to see who he has in store for us next! Follow along for an amazing adventure! 🤩


America’s Jawline (patent pending), Jamie Stanley here, NWAs most handsome, talented, charismatic, and humble man. Here to tell the world how much I love the CVV podcast! Just started listening a few months ago, and this podcast has quickly become my go-to, whether I'm in the gym, in the car, or doing what I do best- bashing nerds, and being absolutely adorable while doing so! Chris’s positivity, passion, and out-of-the box interview style is a total breath of fresh air from any other wrestling podcast. I approve so much, I would even be willing to grace the show with my excellence? Who knows? America’s podcaster interviewing America’s jawline? I like the sound of that! 10/10 Jamie’s (that’s good)! Keep killing it! Sincerely, THAT DUDE, Jamie Stanley


This is awesome! You’re the man! Keep em coming. 👊🏽

So Educative and Inspiring Insight with Chris Van Vliet Podcast!

This is an awesome podcast that is not only motivational and inspiring but also life changing. I came across Chris Van Vliet and his Insight podcast when I was going through a really tough time balancing the effects of COVID on my parents and my own family.I was mentally in a really dark place when I came across his show,now i am better.I get lots of experience and inspiration. Really this podcast is so educative.👨‍🎓 Thanks Vliet🙏🙏🙏🙏

the best there is for wrestling interviews

My man cvv is the best in the business when it comes to wrestling interviews. every single episode is entertaining even if you’re not particularly a fan of the person he’s interviewing. check his stuff out, you’ll be entertained.

The best in the game

Chris hands down delivers the most real and intriguing interviews across many different fields. His approach to his craft and mindset gives a fresh feel while being welcoming and provide insight (see what I did there) into the lives of his guests than most interviews would. Couldnt recommend this more.

One of the best in the Biz

I stumbled (through the wrestling wormhole) upon Chris around 4 years ago. I followed him on YouTube and watch his interviews faithfully. He’s entertaining and asks solid questions. When I heard he had a podcast, I immediately subscribed! Great content. - TheBearded_Sumo

Chris is one of a kind

Always enjoy listening to his podcast His interviews also his YouTube channel are also amazing and awesome stuff keep doing what your doing.

It’s so effortless

I love the conversation style and the relationship Chris brings. I feel like I’m genuinely part of a conversation with purpose. I have to say this is one of my favorite podcasts.

Quite literally changed my life!

This podcast made me take a chance on myself. I always tuned into the interviews on YouTube, then listened to the audio podcasts here. While they’re very insightful and fantastic , it was his motivation about “Vague Goals Get Vague Results” episode that made me put my goals into the universe. My goals were to one day work for a major toy company with my action figure photography. I felt fired up and made a Twitter post and tagging all the major companies. Since then I have had many opportunities that I never would have, if I didn’t take a chance. For that, I am beyond grateful for what you do! I’ll be a massive supporter of yours for life!

More episode please...

I've been listening to this podcast for a couple of weeks, and I think it's the best.

5 stars!

My new favorite show. Totally worth a listen. Exactly what I was looking for. Great podcast ever!!

Probably one of the best podcast out there

When it comes to wrestling podcast I like to stick with actual professional wrestlers. At first I didn’t take CVV seriously until I heard the podcast with a Coachman, so I was curious about other guests on his show. Turns out I downloaded over 50 episodes. CVV has this ability to not make it sound like a typical interview, it sounds like he traveled with the wrestlers for years the way these wrestlers open up and answer personal questions, it pretty much sounds like he’s actually good friends with a lot of these professional wrestlers. I also like how CVV lets the guest talk as long as they want without being interrupted CVV sounds like a cool dude, sounds like somebody I could hang out and grab a beer with, if he doesn’t drink beer then a glass of water is cool to me, everybody should love water. Keep up the good work CVV, and thank you for bringing us weekly entertainment


So good! Love Chris! 🔥🙌🏻

CVV is the Best in the World

Chris is truly talented. He knows how to do an interview and bring the best out of himself and his guests. The conversations are intelligent and insightful and exciting to listen to all at once. You feel like you are there listening to this great conversation in person. Chris a great person and a great talent as well. Keep up the excellent work Chris.

Simply the best

There’s a reason why top wrestlers choose this guy, or wrestlers who don’t do many interviews go to CVV, I usually don’t give reviews on podcasts, but after hearing the Billie Kay episode, he’s the only interviewer who’s had both the IIconics cry on their podcast, and Billie Kay felt so comfortable with CVV that she revealed she’d been married for 7 years on THIS podcast. He’s earned all his stripes, and deserves more emmys

An Amazing Must Listen Podcast

Thank you so much for what you do here on your podcast it’s been a great inspiration for me as I’ve been taking the steps necessary to follow my passion for fitness and bodybuilding. I am very grateful that there are people like you in the world.

Insight is more addictive than pistachios

CVV is the man. I’ve been a listener of his program for close to two years now. The way he ends each show by asking his guest what they are thankful for has made me look at life from a different perspective. We tend to focus on the things we don’t have instead of valuing the things we do. Chris is a class act and treats each guest with kindness and respect, even MJF. He is an example of good things happening to good people. Thank you for the hard work and great content you bring to your following. RUSH FREEMAN - NWA

Love this podcast

It really is the best podcast around my girlfriend gets jealous sometimes because I listen to you more then her lol keep up the phenomenal work you really know how to listen and talk to your guest….you definitely got me thinking of starting one myself

Expecting a Nobel Prize thanks to Chris

Love all the episodes. But Chris’s recent one with Brian Keating about his book Think Like a Nobel Prize Winner was superb and blew my mind as promised !!

The best!

CVV is the best! He asks such great questions and it always feels like two friends hanging out

Best in the business

Chris Van Vliet has one of the best podcasts out there and is one of the best in the business. He always has great guests and he asks relevant and all the important questions and does amazing work.

Loved it!!

I just finished listening to the episode “Instagram Growth Hack”, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Looking forward to future episodes! I liked that this episode felt like more like a casual conversation than a formal interview. Loved him being referred to as the Instagram “guru”! Totally interesting listening to how Brock has essentially learned how to “hack” Instagram and it’s great that he’s giving everyone this knowledge! Looking forward to future episodes!


Fantastic podcast, great voice and asks all the right questions. I love listening to Chris talk a must listen to.

Great show!!

Love this podcast ❤️ I will recommend this to my friends and family. Keep it up 👍

Chris !

Beautiful and wonderful podcast. He always asks the right questions gets all the answers i need from the interviews ! Actually met you at the PPW show i hope you remember me and you are truly appreciated. I recommend this podcast to any wrestling die hard fans like myself. Take care and pleasure meeting you.

I love this podcast! ❤️

This is by far the most positive podcast I listen to and I always walk away with a fresh perspective! You’re awesome Chris!

🥃 great podcast

I know you do more than wrestling interviews but I like to think of you as the Ariel helwani of pro wrestling great interviews 👍🏽 keep up the good work Chris

Great interviews

Chris is one of the better interviewers around. It feels more like a casual conversation than a Q & A session.

The Best Podcast In The World.

Insight is just that, insight into the worlds and lives of every single guest Chris has on here. With every episode I am truly left with some sort of new motivation and knowledge I didn’t have before. I can’t forget to mention how much I love his wrestling interviews and how they are more like great conversations with key takeaways. I am currently training to be a professional wrestler and these conversations help a ton. I am truly GREATFUL that I have this podcast to listen to some of the greats talk and give their honest opinions, knowledge, and you guessed it…insight on the world of professional wrestling brought out by the fantastic host with great questions, Chris Van Vliet. Thanks for all you do CVV!

The G.O.A.T

Chris is just one of the best at what he does. He asks interesting questions to his guest and just seems like one of the nicest people. I listen to the podcast while I’m at work, lifting weights, or on the road. Chris, keep up the great work my guy.

THEE source for interviews in entertainment

Chris crushes the interviews whether it’s John Cena or The Rock, or Justin Bieber and Anne Hathaway. Must subscribe

Longtime listener…finally leaving a review

Been listening to CVV for awhile and now that I’m on IPhone, figured I’d leave a review. CVVs podcasts are a conversation where the guest gets to open up and he lets them talk. I have CVV on my shortlist of podcasts that I keep up with. Keep up the good work!

Bought my first iPhone

As I was buying my first iPhone first thing that immediately popped into my mind was “I have to leave CVV a review”. I’m a long time listener I enjoy all your interviews, To quote Booker T my fave are Tj Wilson, Tama Tonga, Kylie Rae, Kurt Angle, MJF. I listen to your interviews while I work and I don’t have the most glamorous night shift job but I’m definitely in better spirits while listening, I’ve recommended your show to my workers and we now listen to a random episode a night. Most of them are non wrestling fans but they get entertained by the stories, a group have of them have even watch some of Jay lethals matches after his interview. Keep up the great work. PS: If you ever get the chance interview Chael Sonnen and/or Daniel Cormier

Great listen

I work all day and listen to a lot of podcasts and when Chris is doing an interview it’s like u are in the same room with good questions

The best there is !

José from Puerto Rico ! This is the best interview wrestling podcast around. Easy to listen and great pacing . Chris is the master of letting his guest express themselves without any awkwardness. Always great interviews .

Truly inspirational and one of a kind!

I first started listening to CVV when he interviewed Big Cass, now I have officially listened to every episode that’s in his library! I strive to be better everyday and I have incorporated into my own life waking up and telling myself 3 things I’m grateful for everyday. I work as a letter machine operator for the United States Postal Service and it’s a great way to keep myself motivated and positive while at work. I am a wrestling fan, but it’s always fantastic to see other talent on his show, such as Chuck Liddell, Stipe Miocic, and, my personal favorite, David Benoit! Keep up the amazing work Chris!

Huge Shout Out to CVV

Easily the best podcaster and interviewer in the business. CVV makes his guest and us listeners feel like we are there with them and asks questions that we didn’t even think to ask in our minds. Whether it’s a short podcast with John Cena or it’s an hour long conversation with anyone, you’ll be captivated and entertained by the man with 3 simple letters. CVV. Thank you Chris for these podcast and being a motivator to a person dealing with some of the hardest times of his life in myself. Please keep on these great course and keep working hard.

🦍 🦍 🦍

Chris is the man, and I’m glad to be able to listen to these highly insightful interviews. Thanks for asking the real questions and being an all around respectful guy who adds to the interviews with various megastars.

Chris please Read this on your Show

I’m going to be honest I think I barely found your podcast as of this year or late last year! At first I didn’t seem to like it a lot! I always listen to different wrestling postcard and yours didn’t catch my eye! However after listen to more and more episodes I started to love them! I admire the fact that you care about these episodes and bring guest from all other the place! Keep up the good work 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Best Podcast On The Planet

Chris, your work is absolutely amazing, my favorite podcast to listen to daily, your kindness to your guests and your positivity is so inspiring, keep up the great work -Joe Ferro

Five thumbs up

This is a good thing to listen too when I have to poop.

amazing podcast

Chris' podcast is so amazing! he makes the podcast a regular conversation with his guests at all times. always look forward to listening to him every week

On another level

Chris’s Podcast is something that I look forward to to get me through the day at work. I am a delivery driver and I get to hear all of his podcasts. They get me through the day, but more importantly, there are many times when I listen that I am inspired by Chris and his guests. Listen to this podcast. Its a good way to hear the deep information of the world of wrestling that we all crave. My favorite part of the show is hearing Chris ask his guests what they are grateful for. It’s great way to end the show, and it makes me think about the things that I am grateful for. And being grateful and focusing on those things can change my outlook on life in times when things don’t feel like they are going so good. Thanks Chris, Lee up the good work, Joseph from Asheville NC

Excellent show

Great content and excellent sound quality.

Intelligent, engaging, and wonderful podcast!

Looking for something new to listen to, I randomly picked Vliet's podcast (Episode 188) about Ben Askren. I was curious to hear what the buzz was about between him and Jake Paul. Came for the tea, and stayed for the entertaining, intelligent discussion. Vliet is an excellent interviewer, asking Askren interesting questions while managing to keep the conversation from digressing too far. He manages to keep both the listener and the interviewee engaged with the conversation and moves at a pace that's easy to follow. I’m a new subscriber and I'm definitely going to check out more episodes. You should, too!


Amazing content !


Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wee Wee Wwe Wer Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe Wer Wwe Wwe Wwe Wwe

The interviewer in the business, hands down.

Chris is the best interviewer in pro-wrestling. Chris isn’t annoying, doesn’t try to put himself over, or tries desperately to be “one of the boys”. Instead, his demeanor is affable and inviting, and he gives his guests the freedom to speak freely, which leads to the best interviews in the business. I’m extremely grateful for your podcast, Chris! You have introduced me to so many amazing people, and, helped me get better acquainted with those who I thought I knew! Keep doing what you’re doing, Chris!



Thank you!!!

I’ve just recently discovered your podcast. In a time when we all need something to bring us joy your podcast dose that for me. Just love to hear the back and forth between you and your guests. Also I’ve recently been trying to incorporate the why am I grateful for into my everyday life. I look forward to many more awesome podcast from you.

Awesome interviewer

If you are thinking about it, listen to it

Happy birthday

I listen to a million podcasts but I’ve never left a review before. I wanted to leave CVV a review for two reasons: one, I think he’s earned it; and two, I wanted to help him reach his birthday goal. Vague goals get vague results, CVV gets five starts. Happy birthday!

Must Listen

I have this podcast in my rotation while I’m out doing Uber Eats. (Helps pay for my expensive golf habits) I find myself going back and listening to previous episodes before I became a fan. The way Chris connects with his guests makes for the best conversations. Keep up the great work CVV -Terry in Wadsworth, OH

CVV is the man!

Chris’s show is THEE show! I love his interview style; he always seems to be in a good mood & always seems to be very positive with his guests. I’m glad he’s switched up his show to include non-wrestling guests & look forward to seeing what he does next. Had to get this review in for his birthday so Happy Birthday Chris, keep up the great work! 👍

Happy Birthday, Chris

Gage episode is my first listen and I haven’t even listened yet but happy birthday

Great interviews!

Great interviews! Well thought out questions and great flow to the conversations.

:) “Insight” “poop”, I’ve been listening to the audio since the first podcast upload

At the beginning of Chris’s most recent episode he said to use those words in the review so I’m hoping my review makes it onto his next episode. But in all seriousness, I started listening to podcast back in summer 2019, I was starting a new job, and I’d see his reviews popping up on YouTube. He had just started the podcast version and I was hooked immediately and look forward every week for new episodes. Chris’s interviewing techniques are ones to take example of and one’s I will use in my first interview with a pro-wrestler coming up. He even inspired me and my old college roommate to start up our own show and name it after J

CVV best in the biz!

The Nick Gage interview was incredible!


Love CVV great interviewer always positive and a hard worker. HBD



Happy Birthday CVV

Fantastic show, fantastic host. Hope to get past 2k before Kane’s least favorite day.

Killing it!

My Boy Chris is one of the best wrestling interview podcast out right now! Why meat with the rest when you can have the best!

Great interviews!

Love the show! Great questions! HBD !


Love listening to the podcast. Never fails to intrigue and give perspective. Beyond that the show manages to always leave me with a feeling of motivation. Keep of the good work!

Max Weng

Chris is the best interviewer I’ve ever listened to. When I listen to him, talk to other wrestlers, it’s like I’m sitting in an arena listening to them talking. Chris has done an amazing job with this podcast and he has built it from the ground up. What a legend

CVV is the best!

Been listening to CVV for over a year now, and hands down one of the best if not the best wrestling interviewer. I really enjoy the content, has on great guest, knows exactly what kind of questions to ask. The interviews run by so fast, and I really like how he ends every interview by asking his guest to name 3 things that they are grateful for. Keep up the good work CVV.


Amazing Show

Great podcast

One of the best wrestling podcast you can listen too. Chris has great interviews with great guests.

CVV is the Fink of podcasting!

Happy Birthday CVV from another broke wrestling fan!! Sorry this is all I could get ya. I started listening to the CVV podcast from day one and was a HUGE fan of the YouTube show. Chris is not only an incredible interviewer but he is an incredible mind for the wrestling industry. Episodes are Always captivating and full of detail and Chris ask questions you won’t hear in every other interview. A calm, relaxed interview setting makes for the fastest 45 minutes/hour of your life! Thanks for all you do for our beloved world of pro wrestling and thank you for the continued hard work every single day! Keep the content comin!


What makes Chris great to watch is you can tell he’s enjoying every moment of this. With him it feels like he’s representing the fans. He also seems like a great guy off camera which is always a plus 👍


I enjoy al of your amazing show keep up the great work it’s awesome enjoy your podcast and your YouTube show all the time you are the best in the world you are number one of the year boy Hall of Fame of the year


Love ya Chris your interviews are so in depth!!! Great content!!!!

If you like wrestling this is the podcast for you

Love this guy! His interviews are amazing and very insightful. I’ve been watching sense his interview with dolph Ziggler being on a hiatus 2 years ago and watch/listened to every episode sense. If you love wrestling this podcast is for you!

Great podcast

I really enjoy the show

One of the best interviewers around

His interviews are second to none! Keep up the good work. CVV!

5 Stars All day

Chris you’re unbelievably great at your job! I’ve been watching your videos for a long time now, maybe even some of the earliest interviews when I was younger if you had some up back in 2016? But glad you’re at the top of wrestling interviews on YouTube & Podcast! Insight is such a cool Peak into the wild & interesting lives of so many successful folks! Hope to work alongside you & maybe get interviewed for something I accomplish one day as well.

Awesome podcast, awesome host

CVV’s “insight” is like no other wrestling podcast. He’s gets in deep without getting too deep, and we get details from our favorite wrestlers that we can only think imagine. Emmy well-deserved CVV! Let’s keep them 5 stars rolling.


Good podcast


One of the top podcasts in the world.


CVV is an amazing interviewer! Truly enjoy his wrestling interviews and love the added motivation he includes in every episode! Must listen


Just found this podcast today. Already hooked. Finding my self just listing to everything.

The Best to do it.

CVV is the best interviewer in the game. He gives people like myself countless amounts of motivation and something to strive before. He is also extremely humble and has actually done an interview with myself for a site that I write for. Keep killing it and getting better and what you do, my friend!

Biggest fan

You got the best interviews I’ve ever listened to you get me thru my work day everyday ! Been here since I first seen you interview the big show hasent stop since 💯

Good listen

I’m only a few episodes in, but I’m sure I’ll catch up on the whole library. Keep doing you brother.

Master Interviewer

I know, it’s strange, I know very little about the Wrestling game, and listen to very few podcasts, but I was hooked the very first time I listened to Chris—and I decided early on it comes down to the skills of the podcaster ! The natural flow of conversation between guest and Chris was so genuine, no bullet point prepared questions and answers ricocheting back and forth, but we gets to know the guest as a full-on real, interesting, intelligent individual, removing all stereotypes I embarrassingly admit I held. Maybe the wrestler’s performance is “the limelight”, but I liked getting to know the person beneath the “purple hair” and this character played in the ring—their personal stories, life lived—ups, downs..goals. Great profile pieces! Podcasters, interviewers in all media genres should take a lesson from Chris. He’s a master! @RDesroc Twitter filmmaker


Show has the best guest, completely get another side of the wrestlers and business. Absolutely awesome!

Bluewire Family

As a member of the Bluewire family, I highly recommend Insight! Not only is Chris insightful he asks questions most people stray away from. He’s not afraid to ask the tough questions. Your podcasting family friend @stugotzarmy790

Huge insights!

If you want to know an industry, you gotta know the right people. Chris is the best for this job. End of story!

The Best Interviewer

Chris stands above the rest when it comes to interviewing the top names in pro wrestling. I listen to all the interviews and podcasts - this is the gold standard. Highly recommended !

Nice guy

Nice guy very good at getting interviews and seems very fair

Awesome podcast

Awesome podcast, very entertaining,

Pre birthday review

This is quite possibly the best looking podcast in the game.

Greatest podcasts

Hello so Chris is a amazing interview. He get into the hard of his guest stories and take you into Visual journey. He is one of the Best in the Game

5 star

Simply, the Best

The best there is the best there was and by golly the best there ever will be

Chris just keeps mailing it and knocking it outta the ballpark! The podcast with Jeff Jarrett was awsome. If you’ve not downloaded yet and listen to any of Chris vanVliet podcasts what are you waiting for? And make sure to leave him a feedback it takes 30 seconds of ya time

Chris is more than deserving of his 5 star rating!

I’ve been following Chris and his interviews for quite a while. Every interview/podcast he does is just so genuine and well thought out, it’s a stand out with out a doubt! His positive vibes and well articulated episodes he puts out keep me entertained on my long drives to and from work consistently. I hope only the best and continued growth in his broadcasting journey. I would love to hear more straight episodes about just positivity in general. The interview with Cass was one of my favorites by far. Stay grateful, stay great!

To Be The Man!

TO BE THE MAN YOU GOTTA...well, you gotta be CVV. I have been a fan of the show for about a year now. If you are a first time listener, Chris and his guest will pull you in. I love this pod cast! Entertaining to the max! I love how Chris ends every episode with 3 things to be grateful for. I can say that I am grateful for Chris, his guest, and this podcast. Keep up the great work brother!

CVV just straight-up gets it!

Chris Van Vliet, owner of the greatest first name of all the times, really gets it when it comes to getting the most out of his interview subjects. The conversations he has and way he talks to his subjects really draws the listener into the stories and life lessons peppered throughout the episode. A must-listen for wrestling fans, motivation fans, and fans of just good stuff! Be great, be grateful, be listening.

Top Tier

I’ve procrastinated on leaving a review the past 6 months or so, but hey better late than never right?😂 Best podcaster in the game currently, keep it up Chris!

Came in skeptical left impressed

While listening to one of Conrad Thompson’s podcasts he mentioned that he was on the CVV Show. Conrad then talked about how he couldn’t recommend Chris’s show enough, so I decided to give it a try and was very impressed. Chris doesn’t interview people, he instead just has a simple conversation that draws the listener in. Now I’ve become a loyal listener. Do yourself a favor and give Chris a listen, I’m more than confident you’ll enjoy.

Hands down best interviewer in the game

CVV is in my opinion the best interviewer in the podcast game today. The conversation between CVV and the guest never seems forced. Insight is always in my weekly rotation of podcasts.

Best wrestling podcast

Big fan from the first episode I heard.


Hey CVV hope you are having a good one. Your show really helps me get through the day with your awesome interview’s. I work as a delivery driver and and your show really helps the day go by so much quicker with all your interesting conversations. Hope your reach your goals by your birthday mine is on the 22nd! Keep up the awesome work! YOUR THE BEST!

Favorite wrestling podcast

Amazing podcasts!! Definitely worth listing to

Amazing content

After episode 199 I can say that Chris has interviewed so many of the people who have molded my childhood and teen years. Can’t wait for episode 200.


After being an Android user that was also an avid CVV listener I hated that I couldn’t leave a review. I made the switch to iPhone and the first thing I did was download Apple podcast to leave a five star review. Great conversationalist with awesome guests.

My Favorite Wrestling Podcast

I started watching CVV in late 2019 when he interviewed guys like Enzo, Santino, and Austin Aries, and I was instantly hooked to him. There’s just something about him that makes me wanna see “insert wrestler here” get interviewed by him over a Steve Austin or even a Jericho. Hope he keeps being great and stays grateful 👍👍

You Just Made The List! Of Best Podcaster

Where to being? In a world where everyone has a voice Chris makes sure their heard. Whether it was hearing John Silver’s stories of Brodie lee or FPjr talking about growing up with a father, Chris makes sure you get a full scoop. He makes it feel really personal and does this so seamlessly that you feel like you’re there. Its a genuine feeling that I dont feel in any other podcast. Chris’ take, his presentation his questions his excitement help add so much to the wrestling community . These stories, interviews, and questions make it more interesting than any documentary and more authentic. Plus did I mention hes a standup guy! Gratitude is his mantra and I think he stands for it, believes in and practices not necessarily seen in todays world. So thank you Chris

Awesome sauce!

I started to listen to CVV because of Chris Jericho. Totally worth it!! I am driving most of my day, so listening CVV at work makes the day go smoother.

Great podcast

Must listen to podcast, he covers everything u need to know

My favorite Podcast

First learned about Chris Van Vliet from listening to Ryback’s podcast. Since Ryback hasn’t posted since Jan, I had to look for another source for my wrestling Podcast fix. Enter Insight. I instantly got hooked. Chris knows how to ask questions beyond the cookie cutter interrogations you normally hear. After soaking in all the current episodes, I have been listening to all the older content on a daily basis. Definitely worth a subscribe and review. Oh, and Chris replies to my comments on Instagram so he’s definitely down-to-Earth. Just to clarify, I didn’t want Goldberg to kill you. I just wanted you to get the full experience. 😂🤣

You rock!

Everyone should listen to this podcast!!


Love the show

Great show

Great podcast, lot of insight on each and every show that Chris does !

The best!

This is easily one of my favorite shows out there. Chris is the perfect host.

Hey bro

I love your show it’s great that you go in-depth with the stars and instead of talking about just stuff about there career you talk about life thanks for the talk Love from vegas Christian

Coach Rosey

This is the most positive and inspirational podcast I listen to every week. Chris brings a variety of speakers to share their insight.

Great Podcast hosted by a great person.

Love Chris and his pod. Definitely one to put in your ears if you’re a wrestling fan.

Chris Van Vliet

I watch them more on YouTube, but Chris is so down to earth, yet very professional. The free flow of conversation is always entertaining & guests seem very comfortable 1st time reviewer, long-time fan

Entertaining to listen

The time flies when listening to these great podcasts. Entertaining and always fun to listen to.


Looks like a model and is certainly a model professional!!! Love all the interviews, very insightful and love how you don’t make it about you..... you let them talk! It’s great to hear all these stories, thanks for all you do...... absolute legend!!!! PLAY UP POMPEY

They don’t makem like Chris

So this is my 2nd review and I hope that’s not cheating haha but I can’t see how it’s cheating to help a good guy reach his goal by his birthday. Chris is a phenomenal interviewer and sure I can say in different words the same stuff as everyone else has but instead I wanna commend Chris on his interview with Big Cass. I am a recovering alcoholic and that interview gave me chills and tears. Thank you Chris you truly are one of a kind and they don’t makem like you anymore. Lastly I am so incredibly proud of Cass and can’t wait to support him in whatever he does next. Your eternal supporter, Nick Kern from Flair Country WOOOOOOH!!!!

Best Wrestling Podcast

Love to hear the insight of wrestlers past, present and future. It’s awesome how Chris can make everyone feel comfortable to talk freely and open as possible. Love hearing his interviews at work, gets me through my day.

The best interviewer ever!!!

Cris is the best interviewer of all time!!! I love his interviews he does such a good job interviewing his guests. It is such a great show. Thanks cris for producing this great show.

Keep em coming.

As a truck driver who listens to multiple podcast a day Chris’ podcast are a breath of fresh air. They have a different spin on the old style question and answer format with a conversational style that flows so smoothly into your ear holes. Let’s get to 2k reviews by my birthday(may 18th). Keep em rolling sir.

Egomaniac Here!

Love that you had a follow up with Ethan Page. Look forward to a third. Really cool to hear you shout out The Egomaniacs. Will make sure to listen to every show from now on

Long time fan of CVV

I’ve been a fan going back to your days on the news in Cleveland. Always entertaining great interesting interviews. Keep up the great work looking forward to all your interviews. Also took your advice and ordered some stuff from Green roads! Chris is the man!

Best podcast with behind the curtain information with pro wrestling!!!

Chris ,i love your podcast i listen to it daily at work my personal favorite episode was the one with the big show (now known as Paul Wight in AEW) keep killin the podcast game stay true 💪🏼

5 Star Podcast!!

Just found this podcast and highly recommend it!! Great interviews!! Thank you for the entertainment!! Anthony Nor Cal

All around great podcast

I love listening to all that Chris has to offer. He is insightful in so many different subject matters. If there isn’t a topic you like one day just wait a day or two and you’ll have something totally different. His interview style in one of the best in the industry today...or yesterday...and probably into the future. Sit back and relax and enjoy the ride!


Listening to this when I work. keep it up!

The best.....around!!

In before 2000 reviews!! After finding CVV on YouTube, i had to check out the podcast and im glad I did. I listen to The podcast at work and it makes the time fly by. CVV is so darn friendly and seems like he’s easy to talk to, that he gets alot out of his guests. He might be canadian but im not sure, eh? Do yourself a favor and check em out!!! -juan from Louisiana

Love the show!

Great interview with Vince Russo.... love how you let the guest talk and don’t try to steal the show. Thank you for all your time and effort! Makes my work day 10x better!


Amazing show mate keep pushing

Great quality stuff

Very entertaining and insightful, yet always respectful in all his interviews. It really digs into the world of wrestling,

Just to good

Awesome advice thank you Chris!!!!


Chris does an excellent job interviewing his guests. Top quality, easy to listen to, highly recommend.


Great podcast. Love every episode. Very inspiring. Keep up the good work. Dan Guinn


Just started listening 2 weeks ago and I’m loving it. Chris said he needs 2k reviews and ratings by his birthday In May so here’s my review. Keep it up bro

Podcast > YouTube

I’ve watched several of Chris’s YouTube interviews. But it wasn’t until the Major Wrestler Figure Podcast mentioned Chris’s podcast that I knew he even had one. I like it better than the YouTube interviews and highly recommend it to any wrestling fan.


I like this podcast

5 Star Pod Splash

This is easily one of the best wrestling podcasts at the moment. Chris is a true professional and each interview is really insightful into the world of the guest. You can tell the people getting interviewed genuinely enjoy the conversation and the dialogue flows naturally. I am hoping to see many more wrestlers on the podcast in 2021 and hopefully in-person interviews can return soon. Keep up the great work CVV. A 5 star podcast for sure.

Great to listen while pooping

I love listening to CVVs podcast while I poop. Thank you for making poop enjoyable. Started listening on YouTube last year. Moved over to the Apple podcast and went back and listened to every episode on podcast and YouTube. Keep it up

What a podcast

I love this guys podcast. He’s always such a positive guy it’s hard not to be in a good mood listening to it! Shout me out dawg

Raving, Ravishing, Review

Favorite podcast was w Jon Moxley, loved hearing him speak to the best interviewer in wrestling today, also happy early birthday!


Van Vilet is the man! Always fun & interesting interviews guaranteed.

Great stuff

Love this and now that it’s the soundtrack for my trips to and from work, it’s even more appreciated. Thank you, CVV!

CVV is the man

Always a great interview with Chris. The best in the business.

2,000 Reviews

Just wanted to give a much deserved 5 star review to the best wrestling podcast in existence. I discovered the podcast last year on deployment with the MJF interview and “Chris Van Vlugh”. Keep up the great work!


This is no doubt the best podcast ever! It’s so awesome to learn about the wrestlers outside of the ring and how they are like. I’ve been watching CVV for a couple years now and it is my all time favorite podcast. Keep up the good work Chris love ya brotha. 🤟😝🤟

Top notch!

One of the best interviewers in-the-game today! Absolute top notch. God bless you.

It’s truly an INSIGHTful podcast

One day I saw his interview with Chris Jericho in a car pop up on my YouTube and I watched it. Every since then I could not stop watching his interviews. I have learn so much from the wrestlers that I grew up watching and its amazing how open they are in the interviews and the stories they share. Chris is amazing at what he does and I can’t wait to see who he interviews next.


You just hit play and the magic begins!!!!

Fire Podcast

Smooth talker. Enough said.



“You’re Welcome”

-Damien Sandow

Set goals like he says It actually works

Keep it up Chris your content does a lot of good for people all over! 2021 will be a year to remember

Great Show That Tickles My Fancy

I’ve been a fan for a while now. Love the podcast. It floats my boat as well as others. Some of the greatest wrestling interviews, if not the greatest you’ll find on the internet.


Your podcast is amazing Chris ! Just started watching/listening a couple months ago, but now I’m a huge fan! You ask the questions we all want to know the answer to! The Mike Chioda podcast was inspiring! He definitely needs to start a referee school, id be the first to sign up! Keep up the good work my dude! - Luis from Tulsa, OK!

Awesome Podcast!

Chris has a way of making it feel like all of his guest are old friends. Grateful for this podcast!

Great And Entertaining!

A true master of his craft who continues to improve, he brings a level of professionalism into pro wrestling like no one else!

Future GOAT

Quite possibly one of THE best interviewers out there right now! He puts his guests at ease and asks the right questions! Never a dull episode and I always look forward to the show no matter whom the guest may be. Did you know he’s interviewed the Rock 9 times! (So far) JetJaguar666 from YT

I Wish I Would’ve Discovered Sooner

Mr. Van Vliet I wish I would’ve discovered you sooner. I am currently in school in hopes of going down the same career path as you. My next assignment is to work on a fictional podcast episode and I really have studied you as my main inspiration. How much I enjoy your podcast cannot be put into words hopefully one day I’ll be able to reach the level that you are. I’ll definitely be sure to include you in my podcast assignment to introduce you to my classmates. Thank you for everything!!!


CVV in my opinion is the podcaster when it comes to wrestling! He never has a bad moment and how much respect people have for him is incredible! If possible, I’d love to give a shout out to my podcast A Pro Wrestling Podcast w/Matt and Friends! I started this podcast with 110% inspiration from hearing your show! The way you let these wrestlers speak without cutting them off is just amazing and you don’t see that much elsewhere! I will always be a fan and you can catch me always tuning in to Insight! Take care Chris and keep up the amazing content!


Good insight no pun intended

Chris I hope you read this on a episode(I doubt it lol)

Hello Chris, my name is Nelson. Well what can I say dude you are legit. I love your interviews and I have been listening to you for about 2 years and a half now. Since you only had your YouTube page and I transitioned over to this Apple podcast. I became a truck driver last year in September and I’ve been listening to you all over the nation. I hope one day we can get to meet each other after all this pandemic is over I am currently residing 45 minutes away from Chicago so a lot of wrestling there when things open up. I wish and pray nothing but the best for your career and you continue to crank these interviews out so I can listen to you all over the nation. One of the best interview podcasts out there, no doubt.

The Best of The Best

This is by far the greatest wrestling podcast in the world!!!! Chris makes every interview and conversation a delight to listen to. His interview skills and his personality really let the persons he is talking to feel comfortable and open with his precense. If there was really a Mount Rushmore for podcast interviewers there is not a doubt you would be in it my friend. Bless you always and congratulations on all your success 🙌🏻👍🏻

CVV podcast review

Fun podcast that looks into the lives of wrestlers or wrestling personalities. CVV is a great journalist and I really enjoy these interviews!

The best!

Chris is the best interviewer!

Great conversations !!!

Doesn’t really feel like an interview , more like a nice conversation between friends .

CVV is the real MVP

From the Bushwhackers to the Young Bucks, CVV talks to them all with respect and poise getting the best interviews from his guests.


Love the podcast Chris!!

Highly recommend

Great personality and awesome podcast!

Great Guy

I met Chris at Starrcast Vegas 2019. Great guy and clearly makes all his guests comfortable, that’s why he gets so many great moments! Thank you for being the man Chris!

Love the energy and vibe in your podcasts

I’m newer to podcasts and ever since I came to the pod world I’ve been looking for wwe and sports content to listen to I found you cause my buddy told me about you, and how you used to live in Cleveland I’m from Cleveland. We also have the same birthday may 19th. But anyways just wanted to say I love the way you interview your guests and really get and insight on who they really are. Keep doing great things buddy all love man ✊🏻

Top Tier Level Podcast

Chris has a certain way of making all his guests so comfortable and easy to talk to. I remember when John Cena said he didn’t have much time so he had to make his interview short. Minutes later, Cena felt so comfortable that he made extra time. That little detail said a lot. His research on his guests is superb and his guest are constantly shocked on how much he has researched their careers. Truly such a fun and informative podcast that helps me get through my work. I would recommend this podcast to any wrestling fan. Thanks for recommending me a great mic by the way Chris, you’re the man!

Fun and Positive Listen

Chris has a great way of interviewing his guests by intertwining comedy, positivity, and interesting questions and topics. He asks the questions fans want answers to, and also delves into personal philosophy, decisions, and what drives people. Super fun listen, love the way you focus on the positive. Keep on keepin’ on, brother.

Top 5 Podcast

I really enjoy listening to CVV on the road. He comes across as really genuine person and feels like your sitting in the room during the interviews. Some of my favorites have been guest I wasn’t too familiar with, but you get invested in the conversation. Also, great quotes that stick with you. Great Job Chris, keep up the great work. Vague goals, get Vague results.

5+ Stars

CVV is a 5 star interviewer providing 5 star content to 5 star wrestling fans!



Check out this podcast!

This podcast was very entertaining and interesting to listen to while driving on my daily commute. Chris is very personable and down to earth in his in depth interviews with his guests! I feel like I learned so much about the wrestlers and the wrestling world. I am looking forward to future episodes!

Great stuff

Keep up the good work. Loved the Freddie Prinze Jr interview.

Awesome Show!

Chris is one of the most down to earth, genuine interviewers out there! His energy puts his guests at ease to open up and have an in depth conversation that flows effortlessly whilst the listener gets an insight into his guests and their lives. Not your typical Q

CVV Is “The Way”

CVV asks the questions no one thinks about. I started watching him on YouTube and I can say I’d love to be interviewed by him more than anybody. CVV asks the deep questions and gets into the lives of the interviewees. Definitely worth listening to. There’s something out there for everybody with CVV. He’s great.


Man showed up on aew once then dipped

Favorite podcast

Chris, I haven’t been listening since the beginning. Mainly on YouTube and finally moved over to Apple Podcasts. You are my favorite podcast and I listen as often as I can. Thank you for all you do and the hard work you put in. You inspired me to start my own podcast with a friend! Thanks for being awesome!

The show is awesome

You always have a great show weather it be on utube or on podcast keep doing what your doing also if you do happen to become a professional wrestler that’s awesome I had a chance to join a small company that was based in my state I was supposed to try out and see if I could take bumps I was not able to make the try out and the money to get into to it was a lot I’m older now but if you do decide to get into the ring it would be awesome it was a dream of mine but never got the chance good luck with all your goals and the podcast going and the utube rolling