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5 stars! ✨

Insight with CVV is hands down my favorite podcast! Chris is so uplifting and positive and always has such inspirational, motivating guests on his show. Can’t wait to see who he has in store for us next! Follow along for an amazing adventure!!

Favorite Podcast

Chris I love your work you do so much good podcasts i enjoy every single time and I love seeing your content on social media. Hope you gain more success as you go farther in your career.

CVV’s interviews are alway top notch

Every time CVV drops a new interview I have to listen. He asks different questions than most others, develops a solid relationship with most of his guests. Doing that creates a conversation between two people and less of an interview. He’s done gym work outs, movie interviews, wrestling interviews in a set or on location. Always stays fresh.

Love it

Really enjoyed the cold plunge episode recently! Chris asks great questions with great guests!


This is awesome! You’re the man! Keep em coming. 👊🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽


I’m so glad to find This show on podcast! I’ve listened to every episode and love each and every one. Chris Van Vliet is just awesome.

Great podcast!

Thank you thank you thank youuuuuu for this podcast and your work 😍😍😍

5 star frog splash

Chris is a top notch interviewer and always conducts some of my FAVORITE interviews ever! He asks the best questions and all his knowledge of his guest’s careers really shines through in his interviews! I’d give 10 stars if I could! Highly recommend!! 🙌

Yes!!! I’ve being waiting for this!

Chris is the best interviewer and I’m so glad he decided to start this podcast so I can listen to these interviews anywhere. You’re the man! Keep up the amazing work!! 👏

My new favorite podcast

CVV always has amazing guest, there is never a lull in conversation, topics are always super interesting. Definitely one of the best podcast out there.

One of the best podcasts in the world

Coming from a podcaster himself, who has binge listened to podcasts for nearly 8 years… Insight w/ Chris Van Vliet is on my top 10 list. Watch out, Joe Rogan!

💕The best!🎶

The best of the best ever! Highly recommend 👍💕💕💕


So amazing!!!!!! Love this so much!!!

Beautiful & Inspiring ✨💛

So good! Yes. Love Love Love!!!


So excited for what’s to come!!!


I’ve been listening for around a month and have already listened to most. I’m so hooked! I get so exited to hear the new episodes and sometimes I even go back and listen to the old ones. Keep it up!

Listennn up!!!

Just wanna say, CVV doesn’t just perform stellar interviews; he does it with an unmistakable tone of interest and heart. He’s the perennial nice guy Everyman. The type of person you root for because you relate to his pursuit and the class he maintains throughout the journey. I guess what I’m trying to say is, start listening to CVV then keep listening to CVV. You won’t regret it.

Love this show

Absolutely love this show and everything Chris stands for. Always new insights and I learn something every episode.

Insightful Listen

I love this podcast, it’s informative and insightful.

Favorite Podcast

This is by far my favorite podcast! It has added a ton of value to my life!

Great show!

Fantastic podcast. This show was excellent and filled me with motivation.

Love This Podcast!

Great information. Keep up the good work.

Awesome podcast!

This is the best podcast I ever listened to!!!! There is sooo much useful and great information. ❤️👍

Life Changing!

Want to improve your life!? Give this podcast a listen!

Best at being real!

CVV I just want to take the time to say thank you for bringing out the best in your interviews! Just finished the Awesome Kong episode and it’s say to say I’m in love with her personality! You are the absolute best!

My Favorite Podcast. Period.

I’ve been following CVV on TouTube for years, but I recently switched to Apple from Samsung and this was the first podcast I made sure was on my list. As a big wrestling fan, especially WCW and TNA, he hits the nostalgia bone hard with these great interviews. Keep up the great work, CVV.


I never really thought about listening to podcast until i heard this one 💯 now throughout my shifts when i’m bored (which is all the times) all i do is listen to this podcast 🔥

I enjoyed the show!

Thank you for all the insights, love to learn from you!

Awesome content

Such a great show. I always learn something new and very useful. Thank you!

A very beautiful podcast

Beautiful podcast I listen to you once a day