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The Best to do it.

CVV is the best interviewer in the game. He gives people like myself countless amounts of motivation and something to strive before. He is also extremely humble and has actually done an interview with myself for a site that I write for. Keep killing it and getting better and what you do, my friend!

Biggest fan

You got the best interviews I’ve ever listened to you get me thru my work day everyday ! Been here since I first seen you interview the big show hasent stop since 💯

Good listen

I’m only a few episodes in, but I’m sure I’ll catch up on the whole library. Keep doing you brother.

Master Interviewer

I know, it’s strange, I know very little about the Wrestling game, and listen to very few podcasts, but I was hooked the very first time I listened to Chris—and I decided early on it comes down to the skills of the podcaster ! The natural flow of conversation between guest and Chris was so genuine, no bullet point prepared questions and answers ricocheting back and forth, but we gets to know the guest as a full-on real, interesting, intelligent individual, removing all stereotypes I embarrassingly admit I held. Maybe the wrestler’s performance is “the limelight”, but I liked getting to know the person beneath the “purple hair” and this character played in the ring—their personal stories, life lived—ups, downs..goals. Great profile pieces! Podcasters, interviewers in all media genres should take a lesson from Chris. He’s a master! @RDesroc Twitter filmmaker


Show has the best guest, completely get another side of the wrestlers and business. Absolutely awesome!

Bluewire Family

As a member of the Bluewire family, I highly recommend Insight! Not only is Chris insightful he asks questions most people stray away from. He’s not afraid to ask the tough questions. Your podcasting family friend @stugotzarmy790

Huge insights!

If you want to know an industry, you gotta know the right people. Chris is the best for this job. End of story!

The Best Interviewer

Chris stands above the rest when it comes to interviewing the top names in pro wrestling. I listen to all the interviews and podcasts - this is the gold standard. Highly recommended !

Nice guy

Nice guy very good at getting interviews and seems very fair

Awesome podcast

Awesome podcast, very entertaining,

Pre birthday review

This is quite possibly the best looking podcast in the game.

Greatest podcasts

Hello so Chris is a amazing interview. He get into the hard of his guest stories and take you into Visual journey. He is one of the Best in the Game

5 star

Simply, the Best

The best there is the best there was and by golly the best there ever will be

Chris just keeps mailing it and knocking it outta the ballpark! The podcast with Jeff Jarrett was awsome. If you’ve not downloaded yet and listen to any of Chris vanVliet podcasts what are you waiting for? And make sure to leave him a feedback it takes 30 seconds of ya time

Chris is more than deserving of his 5 star rating!

I’ve been following Chris and his interviews for quite a while. Every interview/podcast he does is just so genuine and well thought out, it’s a stand out with out a doubt! His positive vibes and well articulated episodes he puts out keep me entertained on my long drives to and from work consistently. I hope only the best and continued growth in his broadcasting journey. I would love to hear more straight episodes about just positivity in general. The interview with Cass was one of my favorites by far. Stay grateful, stay great!

To Be The Man!

TO BE THE MAN YOU GOTTA...well, you gotta be CVV. I have been a fan of the show for about a year now. If you are a first time listener, Chris and his guest will pull you in. I love this pod cast! Entertaining to the max! I love how Chris ends every episode with 3 things to be grateful for. I can say that I am grateful for Chris, his guest, and this podcast. Keep up the great work brother!

CVV just straight-up gets it!

Chris Van Vliet, owner of the greatest first name of all the times, really gets it when it comes to getting the most out of his interview subjects. The conversations he has and way he talks to his subjects really draws the listener into the stories and life lessons peppered throughout the episode. A must-listen for wrestling fans, motivation fans, and fans of just good stuff! Be great, be grateful, be listening.

Top Tier

I’ve procrastinated on leaving a review the past 6 months or so, but hey better late than never right?😂 Best podcaster in the game currently, keep it up Chris!

Came in skeptical left impressed

While listening to one of Conrad Thompson’s podcasts he mentioned that he was on the CVV Show. Conrad then talked about how he couldn’t recommend Chris’s show enough, so I decided to give it a try and was very impressed. Chris doesn’t interview people, he instead just has a simple conversation that draws the listener in. Now I’ve become a loyal listener. Do yourself a favor and give Chris a listen, I’m more than confident you’ll enjoy.

Hands down best interviewer in the game

CVV is in my opinion the best interviewer in the podcast game today. The conversation between CVV and the guest never seems forced. Insight is always in my weekly rotation of podcasts.

Best wrestling podcast

Big fan from the first episode I heard.


Hey CVV hope you are having a good one. Your show really helps me get through the day with your awesome interview’s. I work as a delivery driver and and your show really helps the day go by so much quicker with all your interesting conversations. Hope your reach your goals by your birthday mine is on the 22nd! Keep up the awesome work! YOUR THE BEST!

Favorite wrestling podcast

Amazing podcasts!! Definitely worth listing to

Amazing content

After episode 199 I can say that Chris has interviewed so many of the people who have molded my childhood and teen years. Can’t wait for episode 200.


After being an Android user that was also an avid CVV listener I hated that I couldn’t leave a review. I made the switch to iPhone and the first thing I did was download Apple podcast to leave a five star review. Great conversationalist with awesome guests.

My Favorite Wrestling Podcast

I started watching CVV in late 2019 when he interviewed guys like Enzo, Santino, and Austin Aries, and I was instantly hooked to him. There’s just something about him that makes me wanna see “insert wrestler here” get interviewed by him over a Steve Austin or even a Jericho. Hope he keeps being great and stays grateful 👍👍

You Just Made The List! Of Best Podcaster

Where to being? In a world where everyone has a voice Chris makes sure their heard. Whether it was hearing John Silver’s stories of Brodie lee or FPjr talking about growing up with a father, Chris makes sure you get a full scoop. He makes it feel really personal and does this so seamlessly that you feel like you’re there. Its a genuine feeling that I dont feel in any other podcast. Chris’ take, his presentation his questions his excitement help add so much to the wrestling community . These stories, interviews, and questions make it more interesting than any documentary and more authentic. Plus did I mention hes a standup guy! Gratitude is his mantra and I think he stands for it, believes in and practices not necessarily seen in todays world. So thank you Chris

Awesome sauce!

I started to listen to CVV because of Chris Jericho. Totally worth it!! I am driving most of my day, so listening CVV at work makes the day go smoother.

Great podcast

Must listen to podcast, he covers everything u need to know

My favorite Podcast

First learned about Chris Van Vliet from listening to Ryback’s podcast. Since Ryback hasn’t posted since Jan, I had to look for another source for my wrestling Podcast fix. Enter Insight. I instantly got hooked. Chris knows how to ask questions beyond the cookie cutter interrogations you normally hear. After soaking in all the current episodes, I have been listening to all the older content on a daily basis. Definitely worth a subscribe and review. Oh, and Chris replies to my comments on Instagram so he’s definitely down-to-Earth. Just to clarify, I didn’t want Goldberg to kill you. I just wanted you to get the full experience. 😂🤣