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Loved it!!

I just finished listening to the episode “Instagram Growth Hack”, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Looking forward to future episodes! I liked that this episode felt like more like a casual conversation than a formal interview. Loved him being referred to as the Instagram “guru”! Totally interesting listening to how Brock has essentially learned how to “hack” Instagram and it’s great that he’s giving everyone this knowledge! Looking forward to future episodes!


Fantastic podcast, great voice and asks all the right questions. I love listening to Chris talk a must listen to.

Great show!!

Love this podcast ❤️ I will recommend this to my friends and family. Keep it up 👍

Chris !

Beautiful and wonderful podcast. He always asks the right questions gets all the answers i need from the interviews ! Actually met you at the PPW show i hope you remember me and you are truly appreciated. I recommend this podcast to any wrestling die hard fans like myself. Take care and pleasure meeting you.

I love this podcast! ❤️

This is by far the most positive podcast I listen to and I always walk away with a fresh perspective! You’re awesome Chris!

🥃 great podcast

I know you do more than wrestling interviews but I like to think of you as the Ariel helwani of pro wrestling great interviews 👍🏽 keep up the good work Chris

Great interviews

Chris is one of the better interviewers around. It feels more like a casual conversation than a Q & A session.

The Best Podcast In The World.

Insight is just that, insight into the worlds and lives of every single guest Chris has on here. With every episode I am truly left with some sort of new motivation and knowledge I didn’t have before. I can’t forget to mention how much I love his wrestling interviews and how they are more like great conversations with key takeaways. I am currently training to be a professional wrestler and these conversations help a ton. I am truly GREATFUL that I have this podcast to listen to some of the greats talk and give their honest opinions, knowledge, and you guessed it…insight on the world of professional wrestling brought out by the fantastic host with great questions, Chris Van Vliet. Thanks for all you do CVV!

The G.O.A.T

Chris is just one of the best at what he does. He asks interesting questions to his guest and just seems like one of the nicest people. I listen to the podcast while I’m at work, lifting weights, or on the road. Chris, keep up the great work my guy.

THEE source for interviews in entertainment

Chris crushes the interviews whether it’s John Cena or The Rock, or Justin Bieber and Anne Hathaway. Must subscribe

Longtime listener…finally leaving a review

Been listening to CVV for awhile and now that I’m on IPhone, figured I’d leave a review. CVVs podcasts are a conversation where the guest gets to open up and he lets them talk. I have CVV on my shortlist of podcasts that I keep up with. Keep up the good work!

Bought my first iPhone

As I was buying my first iPhone first thing that immediately popped into my mind was “I have to leave CVV a review”. I’m a long time listener I enjoy all your interviews, To quote Booker T my fave are Tj Wilson, Tama Tonga, Kylie Rae, Kurt Angle, MJF. I listen to your interviews while I work and I don’t have the most glamorous night shift job but I’m definitely in better spirits while listening, I’ve recommended your show to my workers and we now listen to a random episode a night. Most of them are non wrestling fans but they get entertained by the stories, a group have of them have even watch some of Jay lethals matches after his interview. Keep up the great work. PS: If you ever get the chance interview Chael Sonnen and/or Daniel Cormier

Great listen

I work all day and listen to a lot of podcasts and when Chris is doing an interview it’s like u are in the same room with good questions

The best there is !

José from Puerto Rico ! This is the best interview wrestling podcast around. Easy to listen and great pacing . Chris is the master of letting his guest express themselves without any awkwardness. Always great interviews .

Truly inspirational and one of a kind!

I first started listening to CVV when he interviewed Big Cass, now I have officially listened to every episode that’s in his library! I strive to be better everyday and I have incorporated into my own life waking up and telling myself 3 things I’m grateful for everyday. I work as a letter machine operator for the United States Postal Service and it’s a great way to keep myself motivated and positive while at work. I am a wrestling fan, but it’s always fantastic to see other talent on his show, such as Chuck Liddell, Stipe Miocic, and, my personal favorite, David Benoit! Keep up the amazing work Chris!

Huge Shout Out to CVV

Easily the best podcaster and interviewer in the business. CVV makes his guest and us listeners feel like we are there with them and asks questions that we didn’t even think to ask in our minds. Whether it’s a short podcast with John Cena or it’s an hour long conversation with anyone, you’ll be captivated and entertained by the man with 3 simple letters. CVV. Thank you Chris for these podcast and being a motivator to a person dealing with some of the hardest times of his life in myself. Please keep on these great course and keep working hard.

🦍 🦍 🦍

Chris is the man, and I’m glad to be able to listen to these highly insightful interviews. Thanks for asking the real questions and being an all around respectful guy who adds to the interviews with various megastars.

Chris please Read this on your Show

I’m going to be honest I think I barely found your podcast as of this year or late last year! At first I didn’t seem to like it a lot! I always listen to different wrestling postcard and yours didn’t catch my eye! However after listen to more and more episodes I started to love them! I admire the fact that you care about these episodes and bring guest from all other the place! Keep up the good work 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Best Podcast On The Planet

Chris, your work is absolutely amazing, my favorite podcast to listen to daily, your kindness to your guests and your positivity is so inspiring, keep up the great work -Joe Ferro

Five thumbs up

This is a good thing to listen too when I have to poop.

amazing podcast

Chris' podcast is so amazing! he makes the podcast a regular conversation with his guests at all times. always look forward to listening to him every week

On another level

Chris’s Podcast is something that I look forward to to get me through the day at work. I am a delivery driver and I get to hear all of his podcasts. They get me through the day, but more importantly, there are many times when I listen that I am inspired by Chris and his guests. Listen to this podcast. Its a good way to hear the deep information of the world of wrestling that we all crave. My favorite part of the show is hearing Chris ask his guests what they are grateful for. It’s great way to end the show, and it makes me think about the things that I am grateful for. And being grateful and focusing on those things can change my outlook on life in times when things don’t feel like they are going so good. Thanks Chris, Lee up the good work, Joseph from Asheville NC

Excellent show

Great content and excellent sound quality.

Intelligent, engaging, and wonderful podcast!

Looking for something new to listen to, I randomly picked Vliet's podcast (Episode 188) about Ben Askren. I was curious to hear what the buzz was about between him and Jake Paul. Came for the tea, and stayed for the entertaining, intelligent discussion. Vliet is an excellent interviewer, asking Askren interesting questions while managing to keep the conversation from digressing too far. He manages to keep both the listener and the interviewee engaged with the conversation and moves at a pace that's easy to follow. I’m a new subscriber and I'm definitely going to check out more episodes. You should, too!


Amazing content !


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The interviewer in the business, hands down.

Chris is the best interviewer in pro-wrestling. Chris isn’t annoying, doesn’t try to put himself over, or tries desperately to be “one of the boys”. Instead, his demeanor is affable and inviting, and he gives his guests the freedom to speak freely, which leads to the best interviews in the business. I’m extremely grateful for your podcast, Chris! You have introduced me to so many amazing people, and, helped me get better acquainted with those who I thought I knew! Keep doing what you’re doing, Chris!



Thank you!!!

I’ve just recently discovered your podcast. In a time when we all need something to bring us joy your podcast dose that for me. Just love to hear the back and forth between you and your guests. Also I’ve recently been trying to incorporate the why am I grateful for into my everyday life. I look forward to many more awesome podcast from you.

Awesome interviewer

If you are thinking about it, listen to it