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So Educative and Inspiring Insight with Chris Van Vliet Podcast!

This is an awesome podcast that is not only motivational and inspiring but also life changing. I came across Chris Van Vliet and his Insight podcast when I was going through a really tough time balancing the effects of COVID on my parents and my own family.I was mentally in a really dark place when I came across his show,now i am better.I get lots of experience and inspiration. Really this podcast is so educative.👨‍🎓 Thanks Vliet🙏🙏🙏🙏

the best there is for wrestling interviews

My man cvv is the best in the business when it comes to wrestling interviews. every single episode is entertaining even if you’re not particularly a fan of the person he’s interviewing. check his stuff out, you’ll be entertained.

The best in the game

Chris hands down delivers the most real and intriguing interviews across many different fields. His approach to his craft and mindset gives a fresh feel while being welcoming and provide insight (see what I did there) into the lives of his guests than most interviews would. Couldnt recommend this more.

One of the best in the Biz

I stumbled (through the wrestling wormhole) upon Chris around 4 years ago. I followed him on YouTube and watch his interviews faithfully. He’s entertaining and asks solid questions. When I heard he had a podcast, I immediately subscribed! Great content. - TheBearded_Sumo

Chris is one of a kind

Always enjoy listening to his podcast His interviews also his YouTube channel are also amazing and awesome stuff keep doing what your doing.

It’s so effortless

I love the conversation style and the relationship Chris brings. I feel like I’m genuinely part of a conversation with purpose. I have to say this is one of my favorite podcasts.

Quite literally changed my life!

This podcast made me take a chance on myself. I always tuned into the interviews on YouTube, then listened to the audio podcasts here. While they’re very insightful and fantastic , it was his motivation about “Vague Goals Get Vague Results” episode that made me put my goals into the universe. My goals were to one day work for a major toy company with my action figure photography. I felt fired up and made a Twitter post and tagging all the major companies. Since then I have had many opportunities that I never would have, if I didn’t take a chance. For that, I am beyond grateful for what you do! I’ll be a massive supporter of yours for life!

More episode please...

I've been listening to this podcast for a couple of weeks, and I think it's the best.

5 stars!

My new favorite show. Totally worth a listen. Exactly what I was looking for. Great podcast ever!!

Probably one of the best podcast out there

When it comes to wrestling podcast I like to stick with actual professional wrestlers. At first I didn’t take CVV seriously until I heard the podcast with a Coachman, so I was curious about other guests on his show. Turns out I downloaded over 50 episodes. CVV has this ability to not make it sound like a typical interview, it sounds like he traveled with the wrestlers for years the way these wrestlers open up and answer personal questions, it pretty much sounds like he’s actually good friends with a lot of these professional wrestlers. I also like how CVV lets the guest talk as long as they want without being interrupted CVV sounds like a cool dude, sounds like somebody I could hang out and grab a beer with, if he doesn’t drink beer then a glass of water is cool to me, everybody should love water. Keep up the good work CVV, and thank you for bringing us weekly entertainment


So good! Love Chris! 🔥🙌🏻

CVV is the Best in the World

Chris is truly talented. He knows how to do an interview and bring the best out of himself and his guests. The conversations are intelligent and insightful and exciting to listen to all at once. You feel like you are there listening to this great conversation in person. Chris a great person and a great talent as well. Keep up the excellent work Chris.

Simply the best

There’s a reason why top wrestlers choose this guy, or wrestlers who don’t do many interviews go to CVV, I usually don’t give reviews on podcasts, but after hearing the Billie Kay episode, he’s the only interviewer who’s had both the IIconics cry on their podcast, and Billie Kay felt so comfortable with CVV that she revealed she’d been married for 7 years on THIS podcast. He’s earned all his stripes, and deserves more emmys

An Amazing Must Listen Podcast

Thank you so much for what you do here on your podcast it’s been a great inspiration for me as I’ve been taking the steps necessary to follow my passion for fitness and bodybuilding. I am very grateful that there are people like you in the world.

Insight is more addictive than pistachios

CVV is the man. I’ve been a listener of his program for close to two years now. The way he ends each show by asking his guest what they are thankful for has made me look at life from a different perspective. We tend to focus on the things we don’t have instead of valuing the things we do. Chris is a class act and treats each guest with kindness and respect, even MJF. He is an example of good things happening to good people. Thank you for the hard work and great content you bring to your following. RUSH FREEMAN - NWA

Love this podcast

It really is the best podcast around my girlfriend gets jealous sometimes because I listen to you more then her lol keep up the phenomenal work you really know how to listen and talk to your guest….you definitely got me thinking of starting one myself

Expecting a Nobel Prize thanks to Chris

Love all the episodes. But Chris’s recent one with Brian Keating about his book Think Like a Nobel Prize Winner was superb and blew my mind as promised !!

The best!

CVV is the best! He asks such great questions and it always feels like two friends hanging out

Best in the business

Chris Van Vliet has one of the best podcasts out there and is one of the best in the business. He always has great guests and he asks relevant and all the important questions and does amazing work.

Loved it!!

I just finished listening to the episode “Instagram Growth Hack”, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Looking forward to future episodes! I liked that this episode felt like more like a casual conversation than a formal interview. Loved him being referred to as the Instagram “guru”! Totally interesting listening to how Brock has essentially learned how to “hack” Instagram and it’s great that he’s giving everyone this knowledge! Looking forward to future episodes!


Fantastic podcast, great voice and asks all the right questions. I love listening to Chris talk a must listen to.

Great show!!

Love this podcast ❤️ I will recommend this to my friends and family. Keep it up 👍

Chris !

Beautiful and wonderful podcast. He always asks the right questions gets all the answers i need from the interviews ! Actually met you at the PPW show i hope you remember me and you are truly appreciated. I recommend this podcast to any wrestling die hard fans like myself. Take care and pleasure meeting you.

I love this podcast! ❤️

This is by far the most positive podcast I listen to and I always walk away with a fresh perspective! You’re awesome Chris!

🥃 great podcast

I know you do more than wrestling interviews but I like to think of you as the Ariel helwani of pro wrestling great interviews 👍🏽 keep up the good work Chris

Great interviews

Chris is one of the better interviewers around. It feels more like a casual conversation than a Q & A session.

The Best Podcast In The World.

Insight is just that, insight into the worlds and lives of every single guest Chris has on here. With every episode I am truly left with some sort of new motivation and knowledge I didn’t have before. I can’t forget to mention how much I love his wrestling interviews and how they are more like great conversations with key takeaways. I am currently training to be a professional wrestler and these conversations help a ton. I am truly GREATFUL that I have this podcast to listen to some of the greats talk and give their honest opinions, knowledge, and you guessed it…insight on the world of professional wrestling brought out by the fantastic host with great questions, Chris Van Vliet. Thanks for all you do CVV!

The G.O.A.T

Chris is just one of the best at what he does. He asks interesting questions to his guest and just seems like one of the nicest people. I listen to the podcast while I’m at work, lifting weights, or on the road. Chris, keep up the great work my guy.

THEE source for interviews in entertainment

Chris crushes the interviews whether it’s John Cena or The Rock, or Justin Bieber and Anne Hathaway. Must subscribe

Longtime listener…finally leaving a review

Been listening to CVV for awhile and now that I’m on IPhone, figured I’d leave a review. CVVs podcasts are a conversation where the guest gets to open up and he lets them talk. I have CVV on my shortlist of podcasts that I keep up with. Keep up the good work!