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I love you guys

If you want to laugh out loud and feel smarter… and feel the love, and yes


One of the first podcast I listened to and its great as always!

This podcast

It’s really enjoyable

Love it!

Very interesting I love this podcast 5/5 really good podcast

Great to listen while pooping!

I love listening to CVVs podcast while I poop. Thank you for making poop enjoyable. Started listening on YouTube last year. Moved over to the Apple podcast and went back and listened to every episode on podcast and YouTube. Keep it up WOOT WOOT


Chris van vliet chris chris van vliet The mecca of interviews!!!

Van Vliet is GREAT!

My favorite podcast! Always a great time. Like hanging out with buddies. CVV is smooth as butter! On pancakes. Breakfast is delicious.

Fuel for the Fire

This show is just what the doctor ordered! I first gave it a listen a few months back and now I can’t stop powering through the back catalog of episodes. It’s got the exact kind of energy I need to get up and brave the brutal winter temps for my pre-dawn journey into work every morning. CVV’s enthusiasm is as genuine as it is contagious. Leave it up to a Canadian to maintain a perfect mix of relaxed yet supremely professional interviews. He really manages to get the best out of his guests episode after episode. I recommend this podcast to both wrestling and non-fans alike. There are some truly powerful life lessons being handed out left and right on this show. Please keep up the great work.

An Industry Leader!

CVV brings you one of the best interview styles. His genuine personal approach is so great at getting people to really open up. The content is evergreen as well! So you can easily go back through his back catalogue and enjoy older episodes whenever you want! Keep up the great work.

5 stars!

It’s me; it’s me; it’s CVV! Great podcast as always. Keep up the good work brother!

You and SRS

Hey Chris, long time wrestling fan newer listener to your show. Just finished the SRS interview yesterday and loved it. Really don’t know why and out of so many wrestler interviews that one with a non wrestler was really one that has stuck with me. I was only introduced to u and Sean through Quizzlemania and very glad I was, you both are amazing and do great work. The running gag seems to be your ridiculously nice and it’s kinda crazy just how true it is! Keep doing you and keep making a difference.

The bee’s knees of podcast.

Hi Chris! First time listener, and now I’m officially a longtime fan. Keep up the great work, with your great guest, and even better inspirational quotes. Cheers, Jay Lopez

Love this podcast

Hopefully I get a second shoutout but this really is the best podcast around..I can say that 1000 more times but it’s true…Chris really knows how to listen to his guest and asked amazing questions…would love to grab a beer with someday and just listen to his knowledge about wrestling and and about podcasting..thanks Chris for a great content and keep it up..don’t ever give up


One of the first podcast I listened to and its great as always!

Love it!

Very interesting I love this podcast 5/5 really good podcast

CVV is the best of our generation

Yes, folks, you read that title correctly. Chris is my favorite interviewer I’ve ever listened to. Personality is top notch, the interview style is unmatched, and the man has a million dollar smile. Listen, comment, review, and RATE THE MAN WITH 5 STARS!

Can’t Get Enough

Just need to say Chris is the man! He’s such a great interviewer! Can also say he’s generally a good guy in person! Met him in Charleston WV at one of the very first AEW Dynamite shows! Great guy and podcas. Please keep up the great work.

Great interviewer

Chris has a great ability to connect with his guests. They trust him and this leads to incredible deep answers to his questions. I love his ability to lower their defenses and communicate with them as two friends naturally talk. I look forward to his podcasts every week. He is a master.

A different spin on podcasting

As I’ve listened to 100s of shows while at work. I am not invested in many as I am to listening to CVV. It appears that unlike others he’s taking us in a journey with people we watch on TV. I’m looking forward to years more of entertainment and education about our favorite stars.

CVV the man, the myth, the inspiration. UPDATED

Updated review** 👏 Listening to the Ryan Pineda episode right now, such a great guest. One of my side hustles happens to be content creation for a house flipper and this episode has really inspired me to pitch a full time gig with this successful flipper. Thank you for the diverse guests! Carrot top was amazing! I feel like your show is a road map to taking action on goals. Thank you CVV! Hands down my favorite podcast, favorite host. “Vague goals get vague results” -CVV show. Is written real big at the top of my white board because it’s not only true but an effective way to stay focused. Your conversations are easily digestible and a treat while I’m out making deliveries. I appreciate your show as a great way to stay positive in such a crazy time through this pandemic. You have inspired me to take action on my goals as well as launch my very own show. The Room Sound Podcast, on music and inspiration to grow and create. Thank you for what you do. GIVE CVV A TV SHOW! (But please don’t stop this podcast, EVER!) -Cory

Shout out CVV! From NY CERTIFIED

It’s MR CAKE AVE from the NY CERTIFIED PODCAST (available wherever podcast are available!) to shout out a Great podcast! with a fresh new set! Amazing interviews & even more amazing host! It’s the C! V! V! Bay bay! (Adam cole voice) love the show! ✊🏽

Well DESERVED 5 stars!

, I never mind helping out with reviews, especially when it involves deserving causes!

Great podcast!

Love listening to Chris Van Vliet. He's a great interviewer and his episodes truly provide great insight into the lives and careers of his guests - especially the wrestlers. One of my favorite long-form interview shows out there!

Mount Rushmore of podcasts

Long time wrestling fan and listener of the podcast. My favorite part is getting to catch up with some of my favorite wrestlers. CVV always asks intriguing questions and keeps a great pace. I can’t recommend his podcast enough! Keep up the work and thanks for putting out as many interviews as you do! Happy Holidays!

Darby is so cool

Great interview people need to hear and implement positivity in such an negative world. There are ways to be successful but be true to you.

Why are Chris’s so great?

For some reason the people I look up to are all named Chris. From my favorite power ranger chris khayman Lee to my favorite wrestler Chris Jericho and now my favorite podcaster Chris Van Vliet. Every time I listen to Chris it always inspires me to make my own content better. In my opinion chris is the standard bearer for any interviewer to aspire to be like. Keep up the great work man and hopefully one day I’ll get to interview you. Also thank you again for messaging me back on Twitter and giving me advice. I’ve taken it to heart and this month I am proud to say I will have my own table at 2 wrestling shows and a comic con. You’re great! - Christian Ingram

Yes!!! I’ve being waiting for this!

Chris is the best interviewer and I’m so glad he decided to start this podcast so I can listen to these interviews anywhere. You’re the man! Keep up the amazing work!! 🙌

5 stars! ✨

Insight with CVV is hands down my favorite podcast! Chris is so uplifting and positive and always has such inspirational, motivating guests on his show. Can’t wait to see who he has in store for us next! Follow along for an amazing adventure! 🤩


America’s Jawline (patent pending), Jamie Stanley here, NWAs most handsome, talented, charismatic, and humble man. Here to tell the world how much I love the CVV podcast! Just started listening a few months ago, and this podcast has quickly become my go-to, whether I'm in the gym, in the car, or doing what I do best- bashing nerds, and being absolutely adorable while doing so! Chris’s positivity, passion, and out-of-the box interview style is a total breath of fresh air from any other wrestling podcast. I approve so much, I would even be willing to grace the show with my excellence? Who knows? America’s podcaster interviewing America’s jawline? I like the sound of that! 10/10 Jamie’s (that’s good)! Keep killing it! Sincerely, THAT DUDE, Jamie Stanley


This is awesome! You’re the man! Keep em coming. 👊🏽