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Great show!

I enjoyed his insight and I’d recommend it to others.

This is my everything

I really got a lot out of this podcast it inspires me to be a better person! I am very grateful to have found this podcast

Awesome Podcast

I found this last night and told myself I’ll listen to it while I’m at work 😁! I love it!! It God put the right podcast in my ear at the right time🙏🏽🙏🏽 much needed.

Amazing Podcast

Chris is an Amazing host with unbelievable guest! Long time listener and this is podcast is definitely in my top 5!!!

Best interviewer ever

I love watching your show every time it comes on! I think your the best interviewer ever and I enjoy getting to meet you at the square circle expo 2!!

SCX2: This Dudes Awesome

Chris Van Vliet has one of the best podcasts to listen to when I’m at work and get some more insight on wrestlers that I’m a huge fan of. Plus I just met him and he’s even more awesome in person. Keep listening!

Insight with Chris Van Vliet is a Gift

A long time listener, I love Chris’s conversational interview style and the insights (pun intended) I take away from his guests. Every episode must-listen.

The best interviewer

Chris you are an excellent interviewer, you podcast is very professional and full of entertainment keep it up!!!

10 Star

Love this show great content

Love it!

love all you boys. thank you for the good and FREE content 😤❤️✊🏼


My favorite podcast for the morning commute!

The Greatest

The best sports pod. One of the most important sports media guys ever

Need more!

Best sports pod there is!

Love it!

This has quickly soared to become my favorite podcast! Keep up the great work.

Love this pod

One of my favorite sports pods. Keep up the great content fellas.


Love This Podcast 🔥🔥

Smooth as butter

Chris is an unbelievable host. He has an uncanny ability to create great dialogue with his guests. It’s like listening to a couple of buddies talking at the dinner table. It’s always an easy listen and he does a great job of letting others tell their stories. Chris is humble and grateful, and it’s evident in all of his conversations. Keep crushing it!


CVV puts out some of the best interviews and content on a consistent basis. Interviews are always fresh and fun!


Amazing show 🙂


One of the best podcasts out there enjoy listening while I work.


Amazing show, love every bit of it.

Great info

My top podcast right now

5 Stars!!

Loved Sept 24 podcast and looking forward to listening to more! It was on point and motivating!!

Chris is a rock star!

Great interviews!!

Riley is what we needed to hear

Great interview thank you for this interview we all need to be offensive in our life path. Time is precious and I always appreciate this insight. Very grateful keep up the great work!

Your positivity is contagious

First of all, I just wanna say how much I love your podcast. I listen every day and surf through interviews like crazy while I’m at work. You really know how to keep it real and professional while being such a cool f’ng guy. You really bring out the best in people. Keep up the amazing work. Question; have you ever thought about landing an interviewer position in a pro wrestling promotion? Tbh, you have the perfect face and charisma for TV. To see you interview someone like Adam Cole on AEW TV would be soooooo cool. You’re the man Chris!

DLo Interview is spectacular

Great interview DLo is definitely the Gump of wrestling he’s been there and what a way to convey that in the interview I love it keep up the great work!

5 star frog splash

Chris is a top notch interviewer and always conducts some of my FAVORITE interviews ever! He asks the best questions and all his knowledge of his guest’s careers really shines through in his interviews! I’d give 10 stars if I could! Highly recommend.

CVV is The Goat

It’s been a honor & privilege to watch / listen to CVV on each and every chance I get sense 2019 . CVV’s interviews were / are a breath of fresh air especially in 2020. My favorites are the ones with The Good Brothers & Adam Cole. Chris is extremely respectful, personable, asks great questions & passion is infectious! I reached out to CVV via LinkedIn because I truly wanted to thank him due to his shared passion for pro wrestling, music & simply having a genuine intrigue to learn some of the greatest at their craft. CVV pushes me to be a better , more mindful & thoughtful person everyday . From day 1 he has given me SO MUCH value as a young man from Chicago. I am so grateful to be a fan and hope to create content and leave an impact the way you have on me. CVV is the GOAT - Lorenzo S.

Best interviewer

My favorite podcast, make time go back at work, everyday all day