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This is so funny, makes me smile and have a good day, I share it with my friends too. These guys are hilarious!

A Legendary Podcast/ My favorite podcast of all time

Chris you are truly talented. Your positive energy is inspirational. You are truly one of my personal heroes. The conversations you have are always intelligent , insightful, and fun. You feel like you are listening to advice and stories from a great long time friend. Chris you are a great person and your approach to life is inspiring. When I was a graduate student your podcast was my constant companion while I wrote my 50 page graduate thesis. Even now at my full time job I listen to your podcast. As always keep up the excellent work Chris.

All time Favourite

This is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to and get advice from. You can hear the passion in Chris’s voice. Guests are just amazing.

Thank You

You rock CVV! Insight with CVV is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to on my way to work.

Just Awesome

A must-listen show for entrepreneurs, it’s not only for the real estate industry. CVV gives relevant content that you definitely want to listen to.


Just found this podcast a week ago and can’t stop listening! I listen in the car on my commute and in the house while cleaning. Totally HOOKED.

Must Listen

CVV is the host that brings big names from the industry. Soooo excited for the next guests on the show! Super in love with this show!

Best of luck

Congrats CVV! You and your guests doing wonderful. Looking forward to your 200th episode.

5 stars

Amazing host + Impressive guests = Exciting show. Great job guys!

Recommended for All

Glad that my friend recommended this podcast to me. That host is amazing and the topics are relevant.

Highly recommended

This is a great podcast. I recommended to all people. Keep up the great work!!!


This is the only podcast I listen to from beginning to end and back again. Love it.

Just Amazing

I recently found you guys and I have listening almost every episode. Really enjoyed all the episodes. Host and guest both are amazing.

Love ❤️

This is the best podcast ever. I listen to it every night and love the voices! Chris is a great interviewer. Love for him.

Highly recommend

Love this podcast have listened to every episode and some I've listened to several time. I highly recommended giving it a listen.

Clap clap clap

Seriously can't wait till the new episode start. This podcast makes my day every day. CVV is just amazing.


I really enjoyed this podcast and can't wait to see what other topics they decide to discuss as the season progresses. Keep up the great work!!!

So enjoyable

Absolutely enjoy this awesome podcast. And I never ever get tired of this podcast. Super interesting. Thank you CVV

Love this podcast

This podcast definitely is one of the best around top 5 for sure Chris is a awesome interviewer and just looks and sounds like a great and genuine guy congrats on the pregnancy and having a girl I had my first girl In July and it is the absolute best feeling in the world congrats and being a dad and congrats on your fiancé on being a mom you guys will make great parents and who knows maybe a future podcaster is the making

5 stars! ✨

Insight with CVV is hands down my favorite podcast! Chris is so uplifting and positive and always has such inspirational, motivating guests on his show. Can’t wait to see who he has in store for us next! Follow along for an amazing adventure!!

Favorite Podcast

Chris I love your work you do so much good podcasts i enjoy every single time and I love seeing your content on social media. Hope you gain more success as you go farther in your career.

CVV’s interviews are alway top notch

Every time CVV drops a new interview I have to listen. He asks different questions than most others, develops a solid relationship with most of his guests. Doing that creates a conversation between two people and less of an interview. He’s done gym work outs, movie interviews, wrestling interviews in a set or on location. Always stays fresh.

Love it

Really enjoyed the cold plunge episode recently! Chris asks great questions with great guests!


This is awesome! You’re the man! Keep em coming. 👊🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽


I’m so glad to find This show on podcast! I’ve listened to every episode and love each and every one. Chris Van Vliet is just awesome.

Great podcast!

Thank you thank you thank youuuuuu for this podcast and your work 😍😍😍

5 star frog splash

Chris is a top notch interviewer and always conducts some of my FAVORITE interviews ever! He asks the best questions and all his knowledge of his guest’s careers really shines through in his interviews! I’d give 10 stars if I could! Highly recommend!! 🙌

Yes!!! I’ve being waiting for this!

Chris is the best interviewer and I’m so glad he decided to start this podcast so I can listen to these interviews anywhere. You’re the man! Keep up the amazing work!! 👏

My new favorite podcast

CVV always has amazing guest, there is never a lull in conversation, topics are always super interesting. Definitely one of the best podcast out there.

One of the best podcasts in the world

Coming from a podcaster himself, who has binge listened to podcasts for nearly 8 years… Insight w/ Chris Van Vliet is on my top 10 list. Watch out, Joe Rogan!