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Give it a listen!

Best wrestling podcast out there!! Super entertaining and def keeps you engaged!! This podcast is awesome!!

Great job keep up the great work!

I love this podcast man! I’ve been listening almost everyday! Working my way all over the place and I can’t stress how big of a fan I am! Awesome work by far the interview with Nick Aldis has been one of my favorites! Became a fan of him! Keep doing what you do! One step closer to get 2000 reviews!

Great Podcaster

I always heard about your podcast. Came because of the Andrew Yang interview and decided to stay! Let’s get to 2k reviewers

Chris Van Vliet Show Review

CVV is a great interviewer & a great interview himself! 2000 Reviews incoming soon!

My favorite wrestling podcast

There’s nothing more I look forward to on my long car rides than listening to the cvv show, makes driving much more enjoyable. Truly one of the best interviewers out there and my favorite wrestling podcast.

This man!

What a humble interviewer! I have not seen many people who were this intelligent and yet so humble! Good for him! I love listening to him. Pure wisdom!

2k reviews here we come.

Doing my part to get CVV to 2k reviews🤙🏽🤙🏽

First time comment, long time listener

Chris I absolutely love the show! You’re truly one of the best when it comes to interview style and content. I’d love to see you get Shawn Michaels or from the indie scene Anthony Greene! Keep up the great work brother, thanks for all the entertainment!

Great Inspiring Stories!

Listened to episode 38, "David Arquette never wanted to win the WCW Championship, how he almost died in the ring, Scream." David is a legend during our school days, and loves his fun personality. In each and every episode, you learn something new, in terms of life lessons. Especially in this, how David's life changed after the surgery. This episode showed that if you have the drive and passion, age is just a number and other variables are irrelevant. This is really a great podcast! Chris is a great host inviting great guests on the show. Such an energetic personality. Will stay tuned for future episodes. Recommend this to anyone who enjoys listening to insightful interviews with some of the world's top pro wrestlers, athletes, critical thinkers, and business minds.

Such great guests

From Jake the Snake to Andrew Yang. What an amazing podcast and such a stellar host in Chris. He really gets the best out of his guests and they run such a wide range of types. This is simply one of the best shows of it's kind.

Love it

The Miocic interview was amazing. So much respect for what Chris does and he got some great stuff out of the baddest man on the planet, Stipe. You really can't do much better than this show.

The Best

Chris is a total pro and has been at this for years. This show is as good as it gets, fantastic interview, fantastic guests. This latest episode with John Morrison was awesome. The shaman is still the coolest!

Best Wrestling Interviewer Ever

I’ve been listening to CVV for around 3-4 years and I can tell you right now that he is my favorite interviewer. Reasons why are that he knows how to keep his audience entertained, he’s able to turn his interviews into conversations between him and whoever he’s interviewing, and once again, he’s the best wrestling interviewer ever.

Chris is a Star

I really enjoy every episode and each guest

Best Podcast Ever

The CVV show has been the most intoxicating podcast i have ever listened to. I was always listen to them when i fall asleep. I didnt even know i listened to most of em in my sleep, AND I STILL REMEMBERED WHAT HAPPENED. Ive been following chris for years now, and i happy to see how successful he is.

I love Chris VV!!!

I love listening to Chris. He’s energetic, personable and is carving his own path. He is a star on the rise! Yay! Always love hearing who his next guest is gonna be.

Amazing Podcast

By far my favorite Podcast. Not just my favorite Wrestling Podcast, my Favorite Podcast PERIOD. Amazing Guests, Fantastic Questions, Such enthusiasm from Chris. I look forward to it every week. Thank You Chris.

Podcast Excellence

Love the podcast. Incredible questions and guests. (I cried during the Benoit interview btw). I watch the YouTube version to see your sexy face. I listen to the audio version while at work. Makes my work day go by faster. Thank You. Can't wait to see & hear more.

CVV Podcast

For any wrestling fan CVV has some of the best and most realistic conversations with wrestlers. There is nothing more relaxing for a wrestling fan like me to spend my night listening to this podcast before heading to bed. It’s a laid back interview where all the wrestlers seem comfortable, and the questions are always straight forward. I appreciate all the work on the podcasts and YouTube keep it up.

Luch Underground

Hey Chris love your show but just wanted too let you know & all the millions of Van Vilet fans that you can rewatch full episodes & seasons of Lucha Underground on Tubi tv & yes its so awesome🤘🏽

LOVE the show

A fans podcast for the fans, absolutely love what you’re doing! But I have to ask bro... WHERE IS MARTY?!?!? Much love

The Next Wrestler Of TNW

This Is Awesome


To my co- die hard wrestling and wrestlers fans, this is the best podcast shows where you can get to know more about world famous wrestlers with their impacts and get the update news on WWE. This podcast makes me to know more about the world famous past and current wrestlers with their land mark. Stayed tuned whether you're at home, market place, driving and anywhere. It's great informative podcastI

Chris Feels Like a Friend

Not much to say that hasn’t been said already. Chris’ personality is so warm and comforting that his interviews feel like I’m listening to two of my best friends having a chat. He brings out the best on each of his guests, and you can tell that his guests genuinely enjoy talking to him. Every now and again, Chris will begin winding down, only for his guest to express desire to keep going, and I feel the same way. That’s a true testament to how comfortable Chris makes his guests and listeners feel.

CVV deserves a Title Belt.

I’ve been listening for over a year now and I have to say Chris is deserving of a Title Belt and I’m going to keep listening until he’s strapped. Chris is engaging, an awesome conversationalist and just seems like a cool guy that hasn’t let himself change even though he talks to famous people all the time. Chris even answered a few questions of mine on Instagram which I thought was super cool. Thanks for what you do and thanks for entertaining us Chris.

Great personality

Chris is a great guy and asks a variety of questions that show he puts in the work off camara.

Great interviews

Love the energy they have on the show and have interesting interviews with people. Haven’t really looked into wrestling but I def will look into more after listening to this show!

CVV is a class act

Love listening to CVV. He always asks interesting questions and is very knowledgeable about his guests. It is great listening to someone who obviously has a passion for what he does.

Chis the podcast king

CVV is the goat and the boat

Great Content!

Love the Interviews and your chemistry and interaction with the talent! Keep at it!