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CVV is amazing

Chris Van Vliet aka Chris Van Vla is a great interviewer. He’s the Barbara Walters of wrestling interviewers. The Chris Van Vliet show is the 20/20 or 60 minutes of wrestling shows, the interview champion. Please Subscribe and listen to this podcast... hell go watch his YouTube show!


I never knew that I’d want to know so much about the pro wrestling industry before this podcast. Chris (the host) allows the guest to speak uninterrupted, asks engaging/ interesting questions, has done his deep research for his guest, keeps the episodes feeling like a conversation. I enjoy each episode released and couldn’t have asked for anything more. Thanks CVV!


This podcast is better than Melina vs. Alicia Fox.

Best Podcast in the Milky Way Galaxy

When I was, a young boy. My father took me into the city. He said, "Someday, when you grow up, you'll the savior of the broken and the darned." Chris Van Vliet - I want to thank you for those kind words to me when I was a little kid. I won't let you down. I also love your podcast. I can't wait for the next episode.

The day Chris vanvliet saved me

It was Christmas at that time and I was shopping last minute as usual. It was pretty darn late to be shopping either way a suspicious car was following me as I was walking to my car .All of sudden they jumped out and tried to steal my car and the last person I could think of was Chris vanvliet .!! Omg he’s here the legendary Chris .took them down and rock bottomed one of the thief’s believe me !! Anyways I asked him what can I do for this such heroic thing.all he asked was to listen to his podcast and leave a 5 star rating. So here I am hearing his podcast their the best . He is the reason I still keep passionate for pro wrestling love you Chris Much love from Miguel 🤘🏽🦕

Top notch Listen

I’ve been listening to CVV’s podcast for the better part of the year. This is by far one of the best, if not the best, wrestling podcasts there is. The interviews are entertaining, Chris’ questions and interview style are very entertaining. Definitely makes working out and mowing the lawn that much easier! Thanks Chris and keep it up!

CVV is a must listen

Chris is my favorite interviewer in the business, and world because it’s like your listening in on a great conversation and he asks interesting questions. He is an awesome guy who interacts with his listeners. Just an awesome human being and very positive. Just a kool guy and his interviews are entertaining I highly recommend. He is one of my favorite things on Xbox. ... not make sence ? I watch YouTube on my Xbox and I am noticed whenever he has a new video I watch on my Xbox or phone if in the go and also make sure to sub to his podcast. Keep up the great work bud. 5 Stars going strong

Best wrestling podcast ever

One time Chris saved me from a car crash let me explain I was about to hit a car and when I watched one of his podcast Chris came out of my phone and saved the my life I will never forget that day that’s why he’s a 5 star guy

True Story

I was walking home from the store last night when some dudes jumped out to rob me but at that moment someone jumped in to protect me and took down all 4 men! To my surprise it was Chris Van Vliet. I asked how I could repay him and he said leave me a 5 star review so here I am. Also, love the podcast. Gets me through a lot of boring works days and are genuinely interesting to listen to


Great wrestling talk with amazing wrestlers from all over the world! Chris is the best!!!

The Pod God

I discovered the Chris Van Vliet show during the pandemic and I am completely addicted. CVV is super professional and his love for the wrestling business is genuine! The guests week to week are super diverse and always entertaining. I will continue listening and supporting the show for the years to come. Thank you Chris and best of luck in Cali!

Best podcast ever

Chris once saved me from a tiger attack. I fell into a tiger pit at a zoo. With one hand Chris grabbed me by the back of my shirt and grabbed me out of the tiger pit. Not impressed yet? There was also an earth quake going on and the building caught fire, Chris also stopped the earthquake and put out the fire... at the same time. In other news, his podcast is excellent! Chris always has interesting guests, topics and remains open minded, while having conversations. Enjoying listening to each podcast.

#1 Wrestling Podcast

About a week ago, I was looking for wrestling podcast one day while I was at work and found The CVV show. I’m a FedEx driver in California and drive 8+ hours daily. The first podcast I listened to was with Peyton Royce. I became a fan instantly subscribed. It’s only been a week and can’t get enough of the CVV show. I admire the way you conduct your interviews with the talent. I love how your podcast just sounds like your having a normal conversation. Keep up the excellent work and I look forward to future episodes.

Best Podcast Ever

One time when my house caught on fire Chris pulled up in his fire truck and put out the fire by himself. You might have never heard of this story because of how humble Chris is but I promise you it happened!! Seriously though this guy is one of the most professional podcasters I listen to! He’s not afraid to ask the harder questions but is always respectful in his approach!

Amazing interviews

I absolutely love your interviews

The Real Peoples Champion

This podcast is done by the real People’s champion. Making these interviews so amazing and allowing the fans to see a different side of these wrestlers and seeing them outside of their characters. Honestly listen to the podcasts and then rewatch them on YouTube because they are so good that I want to watch the interview unfold.


This podcast is very good . Chris is a pro when it comes to doing interviews . Very clear questions , he isn’t like most wrestling podcasts with agendas . Always a positive and uplifting conversation . Keep up the great work

Fantastic Interviews!

Greatly appreciate everything you do during these hard times!

Love your style man

‪ just finished up listening. I work 3rd shift so half of my night is listening to your podcast. It helps pass my time. I enjoy your style of interviews keep up the great work man. Can’t wait to hear the next one‬

Best podcast to listen to at work

I Always listen to either Chris van vilet or solomonster podcast at work and it sure does help the day go by faster.But by far Chris van vilet is good I recommend the Brian cage, shawns Spears,Elgin and Kylie interview so goood

Love the podcast

Im a former indy wrestler. I love hearing the back story on wrestlers, more than actually watching it now. I look forward every week to listen to the podcast at work. Awesome job

Pro wrestler and podcast fan

This is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to while walking to work!

My 1st review I’ve ever written

I’ve been listening to this Podcast for the last 6 months, needless to say I’m all caught up on all the episodes & went back to listen to certain ones again, it’s awesome to have a host that will let the guest have their time & not talk over them while they are telling their story! Keep it up CVV!!!

High energy! Great people! Awesome content!

Listened to episode “Mark Henry on his fake retirement.” Love the intro, so much energy! Congrats on a whole year of podcasting. You definitely have a unique voice. Great sound equipment as well. Enjoyed your enthusiasm throughout the episode. I can tell you are a true pro wrestling fan. Awesome hearing Mark Henry on this episode as he is so transparent. His story is compelling and an inspiration. You ask great questions during the interview. Able to probe and get deep into your guests psyche. I appreciate that you are even willing to touch on the subject of racism. It’s so important to talk about at this time. Thank you for helping to spread awareness. Mark Henry is very vulnerable here and shows a new side. Favorite quote was “Hard work pays off, and if you sacrifice you get rewarded.” Such an awesome podcast! Recommend this to anyone who enjoys pro wrestling and great talks with a vibrant host!


I typically don’t write reviews but I was watching your chops video at Shawn Spears flatback school and you totally deserve the 5 star rating! I thought breezy’s first chop broke your sternum. Oh yeah, you’re a great interviewer! Keep up the great work!

Fun & Insightful

CVV has quickly become one of my favorite podcasters out there. Conversations are always so natural. Chris always sounds like he’s been friends with his guests for years. Even if you have heard countless interviews given by one of CVV’s guests on other pods, don’t skip this show. Chris always finds a way to have a fresh & unique conversation. Even with people I didn’t think I’d be interested in (Sorry Greg Hamilton). Five stars!

Awesome Podcast

I love the interviews as I find them very insightful and interesting to listen to. They seem more like conversations between friends than interviews which is a credit to you CVV. Plus, I always seem to learn something new every time I listen. Keep up the fantastic work and keep “Jamming that Jam!” Ps: That’s a Quizzlemania reference for those who don’t know.

Best part of my cardio!

The CCV show is hands down one of my favorite wrestling podcast to listen to. He asks the hard hitting questions while maintaining a chill relaxing vibe!

Excellent Interviewer

Chris does an excellent job of putting his guests at ease and he’s a great interviewer who doesn’t make it feel like an interview. I enjoy his work very much.

Straight to the truth Interviews

I can across your podcast on YouTube and got hooked on the in depth personal interviews that current and past wrestlers allow you to engage and give the audience the wrestlers actual perspective on what happened, especially the ones who aren’t under contract with anyone and get be as real as they want. The Austin Aries is by far my favorite as he portrays a magnificent heel, yet shows how personable he can get from his controversial tendencies. One of the best story tellers and IMO, the best executer of the Brainbuster. I hope one day you get guys like Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, Sting, and Jeff Hardy. I would LOVE to hear their personal stories from their POV.