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Road to 2000

Staticpulze80 Been a wrestling fan since since 1986 when I was 6 . To see the Transition of where wrestling has come is amazing & how we can hear our Stars is beyond great full . Thank you for all you do bringing New content weekly .

Listening to CVV @ CVG !!

Hey Chris, I’m an long time listener of the pod. I started listening to the show in the summer of 2019 while sitting on the toilet at the Cincinnati airport in between layovers. I’ve now made this my weekly ritual while traveling through airports from coast to coast. About 6 months ago I started carrying an Bluetooth speaker to listen while sitting on the porcelain throne. The amount of comments i hear through the stall doors is unbelievable. Just last week while in Las Vegas i had a man ask me what show was I listening to in the bathroom, well that man ended up being Forest Whitaker. He told me he was gonna download the show and start listening as well . Keep up the great work Chris!!!

Awesome Listen

I always watched the interviews on YouTube. Glad I found the podcast on apple, it makes working from home just a little less miserable. In a time in The world where everything is a bummer it’s refreshing to listen to Chris interview awesome guests and be super positive.

The good brothers

Love your interviews next person should be RICK FLAIR WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Road to 2000

Here in Oregon, watch on YouTube or listen at work if I don’t have time. Chris gets the best guests.

Would rate higher if I could.

I would do battle with a pack of wild mountain lions inside of a handicapped stall at a local McDonald's with my hands zip tied behind my back and a shake weight super glued to my forehead as my only weapon just to be able to have the chance to one day be interviewed AND interview the man Chris Van Vliet himself.

LOVE this show.

Chris is awesome. He ask great questions that are relevant and interesting. He also lets his guest talk without being a dick or interrupting them. AEW should sign him!

One of the best!

Love the podcast! Keep it up! #HighwayTo2000

Read my review on air chris pleaseeeeee

Hello there chris I’m a referee for a Michigan Indy promotion “Pure Pro Wrestling “ and I have recently got into listening to audio podcast and I was super familiar with your YouTube page which I watch all the time I just want to say thank you for doing what you do I love listening to your podcast while I’m working through out the day you get all those in-depth behind the scenes stuff I love to hear about keep doing what your doing your great at it and keep up the great work brother

Awesome show!

Listen to this on my car drives and during my shifts at work!

Let’s get the 2000

Love the show bro get a interview with Kenny Omega again this one by himself it’s been a long time. Keep up the great work. Best interviews I the business.


Terrific! Wow even his voice is hot. Wow.

Thank you Chris!

Chris, Lilián García couldn’t have said it any better. The way you interview is unique. Yes, you have helped people out. Thank you and I know I speak in behalf of other people as well. Keep doing great... wish you nothing but success. I hope you interview Lilián again, both of yo my are my all time favorite.

My favorite wrestling podcast

Your show is by far my favorite podcast I listen too your show at work daily keep up the good work friend ✌🏽☮️ your fan M0J0J0J0


I love listening to this podcast when I’m on the road driving back to College! Great guests and interesting content on every interview !


Getting notified that you have a new interview up gets me so hyped, meaning I get to learn more about who you’re talking to, whether it’s a wrestler I’m familiar w/, or a wrestler I’m not to aware of, in the end I’m more interested in who you’re talking to & makes me wanna look more in depth look of the person you’re are interviewing that I haven’t heard much about, I Love you Chris🤘🏼 keep at it w/ the interviews!

GET THIS MAN A TV SHOW! Best of The Best Podcast!!!

The “Joe Rogan” of wrestling podcasts! Fun, exciting, and profound interviews. Great questions, awesome attitude. Love to start my day with a great C.V.V. pod on my way to work. Thank you to Chris and his team!!! Having a popular podcast is great, but Chris needs his own talk show on tv ASAP💯!!! Get with the program WWE Network!

Thank you Chris!

Very professional interview on every guest! Keep doing great job for all of us! Let’s hit 2000 review let’s go!

Simply the BEST!!! Expect NO less!!

Long time listener. Found your YouTube clips first and listen in Spotify. Opened my Apple podcast app JUST to leave you a review. Chris is the best interviewer. Hands down. Wrestling or otherwise. He’s engaging and can nicely steer the conversation while still letting the subject have pretty free reign. I find myself even enjoying interviewees that I never thought I would. Nobody can do it like Chris and that’s why we love you man!!! Keep it up!

Love it

Chris has great energy and knows how to ask interesting questions!

I love Chris!!

I love this show. Chris always asks great questions. It’s relaxed and conversational. I feel like I’m in the room with them. Amazing show!!

CVV is the best

Just wanted to take the time to thank you for your hard work, Chris. You present a very professional product and ask very interesting questions. Love the content and keep up the great work. Thank you for entertaining us throughout this crazy 2020!



CVV has the Positivity 2020 needs!!

CVV is a tremendous interviewer. His love for what he does, and his positivity really shines through in all his interviews. Keep doing what you’re doing CVV.


One review from the 2K needed that’s all. Oh yeah, the podcast is pretty cool too, but more importantly, let's get to the 2K so we can get that off the start of the podcast 😜😂

CVV island haha

YouTube videos of your interviews are always great and fun to watch. Sometimes hit those hard to answer questions. But,work is slow and glad I found your podcast (didn’t even know you had one,sorry) but work is a bit better after Busted open/Talk is Jericho and now this! 👍🏻👍🏻

CVV is king

Spreading positivity through interviews. Providing a platform for wrestlers to reach A larger audience in a very respectful and professional setting. Incredible stuff. Lovely guy who is handsome too

Dominick Misterio

Fantastic interview with Dominick. Great hearing all the stories from when he was a kid and working with Eddie Guerrero. Awesome job as always Chris, keep up the great work

Nobody is touching Chris

Chris you’re on another level. There’s nobody doing this the way you do at the level you’re doing it. Never change brother. Evolve as much as you can but nevverrrrr leave wrestling behind. You are a gem in this community.

Top notch

I don’t listen to many podcast but CVV is at the top of my list. Always interesting interviews and a great listen no matter who the guest is. Keep up the great work!