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Great Podcast

Chris does awesome work!!!

Great Interviewer

Chris is a straight up great interviewer. He comes prepared, doesn’t talk over his guests, truly listens and follows up with great questions. Love listening to his interviews.

Great Job!

Chris does a great job with his interviews and keeping us informed on the world of professional wrestling!


Always delivers with great guests!!


Super awesome amazing podcast. Chris is very professional and easy to talk to. This took more than 17 seconds but well worth it. Keep up the amazing work!

Not a vague podcast

I originally stumbled on one of CVV’s interviews 3 years ago where he interviews then ROH champion Cody and from that moment I was hooked. His interviews are some of the best in the business and you truest get to know these wrestlers in a personal way.

CVV is the best!!!

I love being able to pass the work day listening to the best wrestling podcast out there. Keep doing an amazing job, thank you for all that you do to get these amazing interviews.

Awesome podcast!

One of the best and awesome podcasts out there, it’s always a nice listen and the host is awesome as well!

5 stars for such a great wrestling podcast.

I’ve been listening to Chris Van Vliet’s wrestling podcast for the past couple of years now. He’s one of the best. Chris works hard to give us (wrestling fanatics) the scoop on all our favorite wrestlers from the past or present. If you’re passionate about pro-wrestling, then this is the podcast for you. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Great Host seems legit

Great interviews, feels professional and always a good listen, this or YouTube for the video version.


Chris Van Vliet is a dear friend and an amazing human being with a one in a million personality! You’ll never meet some one who is more naturally happy and humble and absolutely loves getting to know the people he hosts and the lives he gets involved with! Chris is a fearless soul and will stop at nothing to try every sport, hobby, or adventure out there!! He has a great voice for podcasting and his podcasts will keep you intrigued and entertained for hours!!! He hosts some of the best and biggest names of our time! So go check out the best new upcoming podcast streaming across America and the world today!!!

Podcast review

Chris is one of the best interviewers. He really makes his guests feel welcome. Also Chris is one of the best Wrestling analysis I have listed to.


CVV’s the best interviewer in pro wrestling today. A must listen for any wrestling fan.

Living the dream.

Chris is a great guy who found his calling and strapped a rocket to it. He’s so natural and comfortable to listen to. I see him becoming bigger and bigger every year (both professional wise and body mass wise..) Thanks for entertaining me through my work days and car rides. Have a great Christmas and New Year brother!

Just a fellow Chris supporting his own

CVV gets the best guest and interviews for pro wrestling.

Well DESERVED 5 stars!

It seems as though every time I’m craving a new intriguing wrestling interview to watch, Chris always amazes me! For that, I definitely never mind helping out with reviews, especially when it involves deserving causes!

Amazing Show

Is there a better interview than Chris? The answer is no. Amazing show. Fan for life

Chris Van Vliet podcast

It’s the best podcast out there today! Chris makes every interview interesting. He does the best wrestling interviews! He is the best interviewer in the wrestling business today!

The Best In The Bizz

By far the best interviewer in the wrestling business and an awesome person. No matter what company a wrestler your interviewing is from I always learn at least 3 fact during the interview keep up the good work!! From, Joseph Conlin

Gold standard for podcasting

Chris is easily the best wrestling interviewer out there. He sets the bar by putting out amazing content. He is a must listen.

Great show

CVV has some of the best interviews!


One of the best wrestling podcasts around. CVV makes it seem as if it’s just friends having a conversation

Second best wrestling podcast behind....

Talk is Jericho!!! I love listening to The Chris Van Vliet show! His show is always Fun. He has a very personable way have letting the listener/Viewer get to know who he is interviewing on a deeper level. I would like to think and call Chris “The People’s Interviewer” IDK if you’ve been called that but feel free to use it. Loved your interview with Murderhawk, John Hennigan, and love to see an interview with Sammy G or Wardlow. How about an inner circle interview before they implode lol. Love the show Chris. Peace brother.

CVV the man, the myth, the inspiration.

Hands down my favorite podcast, favorite host. “Vague goals get vague results” -CVV show. Is written real big at the top of my white board because it’s not only true but an effective way to stay focused. Your conversations are easily digestible and a treat while I’m out making deliveries. I appreciate your show as a great way to stay positive in such a crazy time through this pandemic. You have inspired me to take action on my goals as well as launch my very own show. The Room Sound Podcast, on music and inspiration to grow and create. Thank you for what you do. GIVE CVV A TV SHOW! (But please don’t stop this podcast, EVER!) -Cory

One of the top wrestling podcasts

Hey CVV I hope you’re doing good, my name is Otman, a long time listener from Rabat, Morocco, Africa. I just wanna thank you for your efforts into putting up such awesome interviews!

CVV is the best interviewer in the world

As a new podcaster, I listen to Chris to improve my interviewing and broadcasting skills. Chris is truly the best in the game. Good interviewers ask good questions, great interviewers make the interview inclusive for the listeners and make the dialogue feel like a genuine conversation, and Chris is a master at this. Thank you Chris for providing us with the best interviews on a topic near and dear to all of our hearts.

I love Pro Wrestling Tees

First time writing a review. My name is Eddie, I listen to your podcast all the time. So hard to pick which one is my favorite. Been watching wrestling since I was 7 or 8 and been watching it ever since. I’m 32 now and wrestling has evolved. I watch them all AAA, WWE , WCW, ROH, NJPW, AEW, CMLL, Impact, MLW, CZW, PWG and to name some more. I think it’s cool you get to interview these great athletes and talk about the in ring and out ring life of a wrestler. I visited Pro Wrestling Tee back in 2018 where Tenile Dashwood did a meet and greet. I’m for Central California and I was visiting family in Chicago and they didn’t know it existed until I told them. The staff are very polite and helpful. They printed out shirt that wasn’t out on display that I wanted. So many shirts to pick out. I go every year I visit except for this year due to the pandemic. Sorry for this long review but I’m a big wrestling fan and want to say you’re doing a great job with your podcast. A podcast by a wrestling fan for wrestling fans. Thank you for your time

Valid podcast

One of the most easyflowing wrestling pods in the iwc.

Never Fails

He’s Wrestling’s Nardwar .. keeps it interesting all the time keep it up

B+ 🤣

You drive a Tesla. I drive a Tesla. We should start a podcast and call it the Tesla Bois. Anyways the Podcast is a solid B+ player #GOAT.