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Awesome podcast

Started listening to the podcast specifically for wrestlers but quickly became a fan of Chris’s ability to have not a interview but have an actual conversation . Hearing his guest who go from guarded at the start to quickly realizing he wants to truly hear there story is amazing . Love the podcast and look forward to all his future content.

Best Podcast in the World

I have been doing gig work such as DoorDash and Uber for years, and podcast have been my lifesaver. CVV, you have taken it to another level. From the great guest, your amazing talent from the interviewing standpoint. I been only listening for a year and now I am listening back to episodes from the beginning to now. Keep up the good work, and I hope you can get that sweet sweet Vince McMahon interview one day. 5 stars, Best in the World.

Great show!

Love the pod, CVV is the man!

My review of Insight with Chris Van Vliet.

After hearing Chris’s Interview with Eli Drake, I can say with all honesty that Chris Van Vliet’s not afraid to tackle controversy. They spoke about Intergender Wrestling and when Eli Drake explained his side of things, Chris wasn’t afraid to let Eli Drake explain himself.


Awesome show bro

Awesome Show!

Chris is a great interviewer. You can tell he really puts time into coming up with questions that the fans want answers to. He creates conversation rather than conducting a standard, bland Q&A interview and really dives deep into the topics discussed. I’ve recommended the show to several of my friends. They’ve listened and they agree. Keep up the good work, brother! I’ll keep playing your show in the office.

Great podcast

Chris runs an amazing show, hits great questions with his interviews. His positivity is refreshing, keep up the good work!

CVV Wrestling Pod

Love the pod! CVV doesn't really ask controversial hard hitting questions, but it doesn't take away from the quality of his podcast. It's fun and good natured. The only real critique I can offer is it takes too long to start the interview (usually 5 minutes). Thank God for that 30+ second button.

The real MVP of wrestling podcast

CVV hands down has the best interviews on the internet. His conversations flow seemingly effortless. He always keeps it real and doesn’t try to cut out any of the errors he or his guests make. A candid style with absolute professionalism. As a new podcaster myself I have set the goal for myself to interview more like Chris. #VagueGoalsGetVagueResults

GREAT CONTENT! Great sound!!!!!


Shocking how much good advice is packed in this show!

Chris knows his stuff and it shows. He has a natural engaging style and I look forward to learning lots more from him this year (and beyond)!

He inspire us to grow our podcast.

Chris has amazing interviews in the wrestling industry that you won’t be disappointed. My personal favorites our with Chris Jericho.

How busted open became SiriusXM most popular show

Don’t show brother especially the story about Sean Michaels and Ric Flair

One of the best!

High, positive energy and great conversation with anyone he interviews. Highly recommend. 10/10!


Chris always delivers top notch content with his in depth interviews of top performers. Smart in-depth questions, high energy, and dynamic conversation.

Diamond in the Rough - Great Interviews!

Stumbled upon this podcast after hearing about his interview with David LaGreca of Busted Open. I was honestly blown away how great of an interviewer Chris is and how well these interviews come off. Excited to check out the rest of the interviews with some great people!

Chris Van Vliet = 🧃

CVV... you got the juice! Love your interviews and your enthusiasm! If you were a wrestling character that I’d create on WWE 2K... you would be some sort of eloquent, well spoken, cutting-edge type of “jobber” (not an insult 😂) that excels putting over your interviewees! Your the best and keep it up! 💯

Great Listen

Consistent quality podcast. Great to listen during commutes and down time.

Quality podcast

CVT is a great and entertaining host. I love the different athletes he interviews and the perspectives they bring.

Best Podcast ever

Thanks for making my job more fun! I wish you would drop an interview everyday! I can’t wait for more episodes this new year. Cheers from Chicago!

Makes my commute easy!

Great show! Keeps me entertained while I am driving to work. Keep up the good work CVV! 💪🏼

We’ll Respected

Chris is one of the most respected interviews in the business. I heard his name long before hearing about his podcast. Your missing out if you don’t give a listen to what he’s got to say.


Truly motivated me to go out and make a change


Chris’ interviews are literally the best! I’m a huge fan and the conversations he has with wrestlers makes me have such a different perspective on them as people and how they portray their characters. I love seeing all of the different talents he is able to bring in and I always love getting a notification of a new episode! Keep killing it Chris I always love the content!

Always a good listen!

CVV always is entertaining with no matter who he brings on as a guest and is quite inspiring as well. Doesnt matter if youre a wrestling fan and/or just a fellow podcaster like myself, he puts forth a very positive energy which is something that is REALLY needed nowadays. Thank you CVV, keep up the great work!

Awesome Podcast

I enjoy listening to weekly wrestling podcasts. However, this podcast tops them all! Chris isn’t doing this as a job. He’s doing it as a fan of the business! Hope he can land an interview with Sting!!!

Most Handsome Interviewer

Subject says it all.


Great podcast, Chris! Fantastic insights and takeaways! Keep the episodes coming.

CVV is a star!

Loving the show and guests! Keep the episodes coming CVV! :)


Chris is an amazing host and brings tremendous value to this show! Def gonna keep listening to this one!!