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Very enjoyable podcast

Chris is a great host.

Insight with CVV

Dude! love your show, been following for a couple of years. Your episodes with the Good Brothers always pops me big! I also really enjoyed the Dominik Mysterio one as well. Your Birthday is May 19th? Mine is the 17th! Congrats on all the success and only up from here good brother 🤘🏻 Stay safe

CVV is the man

Good dude

What a show!

Chris is such a great interviewer who makes every guest feel comfortable. Keep up the amazing work!👏🏼

Phenomenal Podcast!

I listen to Chris’s podcast in the gym everyday during my cardio sessions, and they are such easy and fun listens that it makes the time fly by. His guests are always fantastic and Chris always asks such insightful (pun intended) questions that move the conversation along and make for a great interview every time. Give it a listen if you haven’t yet.

The best

I Love this podcast being a diehard wrestling fan it’s so awesome to hear some of my favorite wrestlers talk about their careers and opinions about stuff inside and outside of the wrestling ring.

Race to 2000

I have been listening to CVV for almost a year since he did the most awesome Cameo for my buddy’s birthday. I really enjoy his interview style and positive mindset. I’ve enjoyed every interview I’ve listened too except 1 and that definitely wasn’t his fault.

Best in the World

One of the Best Interviewers I’ve ever heard CVV is the best love his show!!!


Chris does really good interviews. I’ve never heard him ask a bad question. He also always gets people that we wanna see and hear from.

Great podcast

Chris is always great at his job and asks all the questions we want answered. He gets unheard stories from people we know well and digs deeper for the lesser known characters. Great podcast would rate higher if I could.

Simply the best

Better than all the rest

Easy to listen to, always great guests on tap.

By far my go to when I need something to listen to throughout the day. All of his guests are entertaining and have given their insight in to the wrestling world. The best part is the he just lets them talk. You never know where the conversation will lead.

The Best

No one is more personable than CVV and a great guy. Thank you for all the work and effort you put in to all of your interviews

Amazing Podcast

I forgot how much I loved Freddie Prinze Jr. I am going to listen to many more of these episodes after seeing all the amazing people you have interviewed. You are definitely my second favorite podcast behind Gettin Better with Ron Funches.

Keep up the great work

Hey Chris. Been listening to you for a while. Never a disappointment. Always makes my drives short and love listening to ya when I Goto chryo therapy and compression therapy.


I already knew a bit about his interview Freddy Prinse JR. before listening but man I felt a deep connection to a guy I didn’t know and at one point disliked. Excellent personable attitude and presence.


I love pro wrestling as I imagine more than half of the people that listen to your show I really enjoy your way of interviewing I like how you make all of your guest speak from their hearts I feel like they talk to you as if I was talking to a friend which is awesome continue doing what your doing BTW The old name was better ha could you bring Becky lynch and Seth Rollins on👌🏽

Vague Podcast Names Get Vague Results

Yo Chris! I sure miss the CVV Show with your unscripted openings. I thought the show was perfect just the way it was and any change was totally unnecessary. Although, this may be why “The Jesse Lone Show” only has 20 subs after 4 years running. Regardless of what you call it, I’ll be back for more... insight... on how to get that number of subscribers up. Peace & Love brotha

Always entertaining

I’ve heard Chris interview a lot of wrestling personalities over the years and I always love the stories he gets out of them. I’m looking forward to hearing him interview people from different genres on this new podcast feed. I’ve listened to one and it was amazing. I’m sure the rest will be as well!

Incredible Interviews

Chris combines his incredible interviewing talent with a constant stream of interesting guests. Each episode is a fantastic listen.

Freddie Prinze!!!!

This is by far the best interview! So much insight and stories but most importantly in these times of Covid and people in isolation like myself it breaks my heart not being able to see my kid until I’m free and clear. Listening to this also brought me back to my childhood and wish I had more days with my father. It really hit home and I appreciate this interview so much. Be safe

My Favorite Interviewer.

I’ve been listening to Chris for many years and each interview he’s done is just as awesome as the last one. My all time favorite interview he has done is with David Benoit. Love everything you do man and can’t wait for what 2021 has to bring!!!


Chris does such a good job at making the listener feel like they are right next to him listening, the way he asks questions is like no other, he is a real star in the making. Thanks for making my day better.


Genuinely nice dude. Extremely talented interviewer. Great show.


Chris has incredible energy and makes each and every show so enjoyable. He’s the type of host that everyone wants to listen to!

CVV podcast review

One of my favorite podcasts to listen to either on Youtube or Apple Podcasts definitely recommend it.

Great interviewer and fun interviews!

After listening to a couple of episodes, it’s clear that you are great at making guests feel comfortable and have great questions to ask them. A nice bonus in listening to this podcast is that I can get to hear about wrestlers that I’ve never heard of before outside of wwe while getting to hear about people I haven’t heard about for a long time


One of the best interviewers in the business! Obvi! 🎤🎙

Inspiration out of no where

Hey Chris, I love your podcast. I’ve been a wrestling fan since I was eight years old. My first memory of wrestling is when Pat tanaka turned on Paul diamond and broke up badd company. So if you look up when that was you’ll know...I’ve been a fan for years. With that being said. For a lack of better words...WOW! I did not except what I took away from Jonathan Coachman’s episode. That man is inspirational. Even if he doesn’t realize it. Coach if you’re reading this. Thank you. Also Chris,keep up the phenomenal work and thank you for bring a life long love to a platform such as podcast. Truly enjoy your show/podcast.