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CVV Rocks!

So glad I found this show! CVV is an amazing host!! If you love wrestling you will love this show.

Great show!

Love hearing how the guest think- all but minds in business & sports. Highly recommend checking out Chris’ show!

Best part of my nights at work.

Dear Chris, I really enjoy listening to your interviews while I’m working (even though I’m not allowed to have earbuds in at all) (shhhhhh don’t tell anyone) ANYWAYS 😂, thanks for the great content and keep up the awesome work!!!! Remember to ALWAYS RULE ASS😂😂😂😂😂

Amazing show and host

Chris is a super entertaining podcast host. Keep up the great work, and way to go with all the momentum you’ve built up so far.

Great podcast!

Chris Van Vliet always has great guests on his podcast, and he is a fantastic interviewer. I highly recommend listening to it!

High Quality

Thanks for an incredible podcast Chris! Looking forward to more 😎

Great athletes and insights!

CVV gets successful athletes who share insights into so many topics. They are well very known but CVV really gets them to just be themselves. It’s so cool to hear them share their stories. I love this podcast!

Killing it

Chris, love your podcast and how it energizes me to go next level.

Great Content

Chris brings entertainment and engagement to conversations that bring the subject matter to life.

Best podcast ever

Since finding Chris on YouTube a little over a year ago I’ve enjoyed all of his interviews. He makes it an easy fun listening experience even if I don’t know a lot about who he’s interviewing

The road to 2,000

I started watching Chris’ interviews on YouTube, soon as I found out about the podcast I don’t miss a single one every Tuesday I’m glued to it while I’m at the gym. And catch up on the old ones on other days. Awesome Podcast keep it up CVV!

CVV has been the best for a while

Honestly there isn’t anything more I can add to the CVV show than what has already been said, the guys is the best interview out there, but what I can say is that he is the same guy when you meet him in person as he is in his podcasts, which I believe shows in his interviews.

The best there is was and ever will be

Chris makes the rest look like the jobbers they are. Asks the best questions in the bizz today. Thanks Chris and keep up the fantastic work. I truly enjoy your interviews.

You HAVE to read this 😖

Hey Chris, I just wanted to let you know how essential your work really is. Listening to your podcast/interviews is something that really gets me through my day. I just recently lost my job out of nowhere (very well paying and awesome schedule) and I had to scramble to figure out what I could do to rack up some money for bills. I decided to drive for Doordash and UberEats recently to see how it worked and I just thought it to be miserable and dreadful to do this job without having anyone here to talk to. I’m familiar with your work because of YouTube but never really was an avid listener since I’m not that much of a podcast guy but let me tell you, doing deliveries all day long gets SOOOO much easier when I listen to the CVV show because the way you conduct your interviews makes me feel like I’m sitting at the table with you and your guest having a conversation with you guys. My day goes by way easier and faster and it wouldn’t be possible without the one and ONLY *insert Justin Roberts* CHRIS VAAAAAAAAAAN ..... VLIEEEEEEEEEEEEET! No seriously thank you 🙏🏼 and keep em comin 🍻

The best!

CVV is an incredibly engaging and knowledgeable host. I love how he actually listens to his guests so we all have the chance to learn.

Awesome, Awesome and more Awesome!

If you are into wrestling, have ever been into wrestling or have never been into wrestling but want to see what all the hype is about, this show is a total gift. CVV is a rockstar in so many ways. Thanks for one of the most insightful and entertaining podcasts ever!

Great podcast!

This is really a great show hosted by Blue. I've started listening to this podcast recently and enjoying every episode. I never want to miss any upcoming episode. Keep up the great work.

Chris is a star!

Chris brings passion, energy, and great questions to the party. Listen to this show!


In between my super sweet factory job, chugging Chocolate milk, and hanging out with the ladies. There’s nothing else I’d rather to then listen to EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of the CVV show. Love it man! Keep doing what you do man!

I was a guest on this show. And now I'm a fan.

Chris Van Whatever (my nickname for him, he doesn't know that) is an excellent and engaging interviewer. A positive mindset, thorough research and full passion/intent provide a forum for a discussion that goes beyond the usual "banter" of the podcast world. Chris is a workhorse and cares deeply for what he does. It reflects in his work and resonates through his words. Highest marks ecIII

Amazing Podcast!

Every day while I’m at work I always listen to this podcast and it makes work go by a lot faster Chris is a great interview were and he always has great gas and he knows the exact questions to ask can’t wait to see what he does in the future and thank you for making work more bearable!

Santa Claus Belives in CVV!

The Chris Van Vliet Show features an outstanding list of guests granting insight into the world of wrestling from those who work hard, not just in the ring, but also behind the curtain. Chris has a talent for asking poignant questions like a good journalist, but his enthusiasm as a wrestling fan always shines through. And what does this have to do with Santa? Well, Chris’ positive attitude and passion for what he does hasn’t gone unnoticed. and his signature sign-off makes for some great advice. So much so, that this year’s letter from Santa to my kids included this very important message: Be great. Be grateful.

Wrestling at it's finest

Very informative, Chris knows his stuff!

Life Lessons and Wrestling

There are tons of podcasts and choices but CVV is definitely worth your time. Not only will you get an insightful interview with some of wrestlings finest, but you will leave the show feeling great and grateful. Vague goals equal vague results might be the best life lesson anyone can learn from. Set some goals and enjoy this show!

If you are looking for great content.

Chris podcast brings insightful trivia on your favorite wrestlers and gives interpersonal view of them as well. He asks those burning questions you’ve always wanted to know.

Merry Christmas!

Hi my name is Tre Christmas and I’m an Amazon delivery driver. I’m an insanely huge wrestling fan and listen to every new episode you release while I’m on my route. Keep up the amazing work! Keep being great and I’ll stay being grateful for your podcast!

Great Podcast!!!

I was getting tired of listening to all of the ignorant dirt sheet guys trying to sound legitimate and finally tuned in to the CVV podcast and have not looked back!! Keep up the quality content sir!!

Best wrestling podcast!

CVV is the best interviewer! Give him a listen!

CVV a man after my own heart

I work overnight and listen to 5 podcasts all shift long. I have listened to everyone of your Pods and love them. I also listen to Sam Robert (you had on) , Ariel Helwani (you had on) , Conrad Thompson (you just had on) , If you have on Chael Sonnon you will complete my whole list and my heart. Keep up the great work and the great guests CVV IS THE MAN.

Awesome for wrestling fans

I’ve been a wrestling fan since I was a kid, and this show has been such a fun way to fuse my old love with all my new entrepreneurial passions.