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Coach Rosey

This is the most positive and inspirational podcast I listen to every week. Chris brings a variety of speakers to share their insight.

Great Podcast hosted by a great person.

Love Chris and his pod. Definitely one to put in your ears if you’re a wrestling fan.

Chris Van Vliet

I watch them more on YouTube, but Chris is so down to earth, yet very professional. The free flow of conversation is always entertaining & guests seem very comfortable 1st time reviewer, long-time fan

Entertaining to listen

The time flies when listening to these great podcasts. Entertaining and always fun to listen to.


Looks like a model and is certainly a model professional!!! Love all the interviews, very insightful and love how you don’t make it about you..... you let them talk! It’s great to hear all these stories, thanks for all you do...... absolute legend!!!! PLAY UP POMPEY

They don’t makem like Chris

So this is my 2nd review and I hope that’s not cheating haha but I can’t see how it’s cheating to help a good guy reach his goal by his birthday. Chris is a phenomenal interviewer and sure I can say in different words the same stuff as everyone else has but instead I wanna commend Chris on his interview with Big Cass. I am a recovering alcoholic and that interview gave me chills and tears. Thank you Chris you truly are one of a kind and they don’t makem like you anymore. Lastly I am so incredibly proud of Cass and can’t wait to support him in whatever he does next. Your eternal supporter, Nick Kern from Flair Country WOOOOOOH!!!!

Best Wrestling Podcast

Love to hear the insight of wrestlers past, present and future. It’s awesome how Chris can make everyone feel comfortable to talk freely and open as possible. Love hearing his interviews at work, gets me through my day.

The best interviewer ever!!!

Cris is the best interviewer of all time!!! I love his interviews he does such a good job interviewing his guests. It is such a great show. Thanks cris for producing this great show.

Keep em coming.

As a truck driver who listens to multiple podcast a day Chris’ podcast are a breath of fresh air. They have a different spin on the old style question and answer format with a conversational style that flows so smoothly into your ear holes. Let’s get to 2k reviews by my birthday(may 18th). Keep em rolling sir.

Egomaniac Here!

Love that you had a follow up with Ethan Page. Look forward to a third. Really cool to hear you shout out The Egomaniacs. Will make sure to listen to every show from now on

Long time fan of CVV

I’ve been a fan going back to your days on the news in Cleveland. Always entertaining great interesting interviews. Keep up the great work looking forward to all your interviews. Also took your advice and ordered some stuff from Green roads! Chris is the man!

Best podcast with behind the curtain information with pro wrestling!!!

Chris ,i love your podcast i listen to it daily at work my personal favorite episode was the one with the big show (now known as Paul Wight in AEW) keep killin the podcast game stay true 💪🏼

5 Star Podcast!!

Just found this podcast and highly recommend it!! Great interviews!! Thank you for the entertainment!! Anthony Nor Cal

All around great podcast

I love listening to all that Chris has to offer. He is insightful in so many different subject matters. If there isn’t a topic you like one day just wait a day or two and you’ll have something totally different. His interview style in one of the best in the industry today...or yesterday...and probably into the future. Sit back and relax and enjoy the ride!


Listening to this when I work. keep it up!

The best.....around!!

In before 2000 reviews!! After finding CVV on YouTube, i had to check out the podcast and im glad I did. I listen to The podcast at work and it makes the time fly by. CVV is so darn friendly and seems like he’s easy to talk to, that he gets alot out of his guests. He might be canadian but im not sure, eh? Do yourself a favor and check em out!!! -juan from Louisiana

Love the show!

Great interview with Vince Russo.... love how you let the guest talk and don’t try to steal the show. Thank you for all your time and effort! Makes my work day 10x better!


Amazing show mate keep pushing

Great quality stuff

Very entertaining and insightful, yet always respectful in all his interviews. It really digs into the world of wrestling,

Just to good

Awesome advice thank you Chris!!!!


Chris does an excellent job interviewing his guests. Top quality, easy to listen to, highly recommend.


Great podcast. Love every episode. Very inspiring. Keep up the good work. Dan Guinn


Just started listening 2 weeks ago and I’m loving it. Chris said he needs 2k reviews and ratings by his birthday In May so here’s my review. Keep it up bro

Podcast > YouTube

I’ve watched several of Chris’s YouTube interviews. But it wasn’t until the Major Wrestler Figure Podcast mentioned Chris’s podcast that I knew he even had one. I like it better than the YouTube interviews and highly recommend it to any wrestling fan.


I like this podcast

5 Star Pod Splash

This is easily one of the best wrestling podcasts at the moment. Chris is a true professional and each interview is really insightful into the world of the guest. You can tell the people getting interviewed genuinely enjoy the conversation and the dialogue flows naturally. I am hoping to see many more wrestlers on the podcast in 2021 and hopefully in-person interviews can return soon. Keep up the great work CVV. A 5 star podcast for sure.

Great to listen while pooping

I love listening to CVVs podcast while I poop. Thank you for making poop enjoyable. Started listening on YouTube last year. Moved over to the Apple podcast and went back and listened to every episode on podcast and YouTube. Keep it up

What a podcast

I love this guys podcast. He’s always such a positive guy it’s hard not to be in a good mood listening to it! Shout me out dawg

Raving, Ravishing, Review

Favorite podcast was w Jon Moxley, loved hearing him speak to the best interviewer in wrestling today, also happy early birthday!