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5+ Stars

CVV is a 5 star interviewer providing 5 star content to 5 star wrestling fans!



Check out this podcast!

This podcast was very entertaining and interesting to listen to while driving on my daily commute. Chris is very personable and down to earth in his in depth interviews with his guests! I feel like I learned so much about the wrestlers and the wrestling world. I am looking forward to future episodes!

Great stuff

Keep up the good work. Loved the Freddie Prinze Jr interview.

Awesome Show!

Chris is one of the most down to earth, genuine interviewers out there! His energy puts his guests at ease to open up and have an in depth conversation that flows effortlessly whilst the listener gets an insight into his guests and their lives. Not your typical Q

CVV Is “The Way”

CVV asks the questions no one thinks about. I started watching him on YouTube and I can say I’d love to be interviewed by him more than anybody. CVV asks the deep questions and gets into the lives of the interviewees. Definitely worth listening to. There’s something out there for everybody with CVV. He’s great.


Man showed up on aew once then dipped

Favorite podcast

Chris, I haven’t been listening since the beginning. Mainly on YouTube and finally moved over to Apple Podcasts. You are my favorite podcast and I listen as often as I can. Thank you for all you do and the hard work you put in. You inspired me to start my own podcast with a friend! Thanks for being awesome!

The show is awesome

You always have a great show weather it be on utube or on podcast keep doing what your doing also if you do happen to become a professional wrestler that’s awesome I had a chance to join a small company that was based in my state I was supposed to try out and see if I could take bumps I was not able to make the try out and the money to get into to it was a lot I’m older now but if you do decide to get into the ring it would be awesome it was a dream of mine but never got the chance good luck with all your goals and the podcast going and the utube rolling


This ma is a goat at everything from YouTube to tv to podcast keep grinding jack



Five stars

It’s only a matter of time before this guy gets picked up by Fox or ESPN. Amazing Insight. Pun intended.

Great podcast and great guests

Chris, as a Podcaster I know how hard it is to do a show. You have mastered it. Keep up the great work! Jay Anxious

Great Conversation

Chris’ conversations with his guests feel the most natural. They’re seamless without any hiccups and they keep me engaged throughout.


I always look forward to listening to new episodes!

Great Interviewer.

I’ve been listening and watching his interviews for a couple years now and honestly no one does it better. You literally never get bored while listening to these interviews. Awesome stuff!

Great podcast

You’re doing a great job.

Fun questions any fan would ask

He always asks the questions fans would ask or get his guest to talk about rumours or be debunked or to confirm it. Great place for listeners to get more info than any wrestling dirt sheets.

One of wrestling’s best podcasts!

Chris has such a way of connecting with his guests and provides his listeners with a one of a kind podcast experience!

Love the podcast!

Chris is such a good host! Always makes the guests feel comfortable and asks insightful questions, highly recommended 😃👏👏👏

Keep up the great work

Always enjoy hearing your interviews

Idk who he is but here buddy

I somehow got subscribed to this guy on YouTube and I saw him begging for reviews like a stooge so here ya go. Wrestling content from a typical wrestling stooge, if your into weird people talking about wrestling here you go, it’s really not that bad tho. I mean the current wrestling product is wack so he fits right in. I will give 5 stars so I can help support a fellow African American. And he’s kinda cute but. Congratulations on the success and god bless our Mexican Brothers

Awesome awesome awesome

I have been a wrestling fan well since a child.I have follow many wresting promotions.Well it’s always been like a family affair for us me and my two brothers.My father Got us into it.I will be 49In May although I find it hard to watch wrestling nowadays with out fans.I still do but the one thing I do like the most is listening to your podcast yes I have gone back and listen to many old ones I can’t help myself your interview skills are amazing your guest are awesome.It just makes my dayBetter a lot better some of them I have listened three times keep up the good work .you have a fan for life

Amazing show

Chris has to be the best interviewer I have ever seen. He always has so much life to him and makes a personal connection with both the viewer and the guest. Keep up the good work Chris hope you get to 2000🤞

Incredible Insightful Interviews

I always look forward to see who’s gonna be on the show, and to see Chris of course! Chris always seems to get the best questions and conversations out of a wide range of wrestling personalities, which makes for a highly interesting viewing/listening experience. Keep up the great work!

A great show to get you through the work day!

As a guy who loves wrestling and all things entertainment Chris’s interview style keeps you engaged and listening . I help run a small transfer site in Oregon and his podcasts are great for getting you through those long days or when I am busy doing maintenance on the property. Thanks Chris for keeping me entertained and I look forward to many more great conversations 😊👍🏻- Jason Stratton , Eugene Oregon

Best interview there is.

CVV Is one of the best Interviewers there is. He gives time for his guests to answer questions and doesn’t interrupt them. That is a mark of a A+ player.


I listen to the podcast while driving to work and it is always interesting. Hopefully he gets to 2000 reviews.

Great podcast

It’s honestly just a great podcast. CVV gets great stories and insight from everyone he interviews.


I love your podcasts, maybe I’ll be on it one day as a wrestler