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I like this podcast

5 Star Pod Splash

This is easily one of the best wrestling podcasts at the moment. Chris is a true professional and each interview is really insightful into the world of the guest. You can tell the people getting interviewed genuinely enjoy the conversation and the dialogue flows naturally. I am hoping to see many more wrestlers on the podcast in 2021 and hopefully in-person interviews can return soon. Keep up the great work CVV. A 5 star podcast for sure.

Great to listen while pooping

I love listening to CVVs podcast while I poop. Thank you for making poop enjoyable. Started listening on YouTube last year. Moved over to the Apple podcast and went back and listened to every episode on podcast and YouTube. Keep it up

What a podcast

I love this guys podcast. He’s always such a positive guy it’s hard not to be in a good mood listening to it! Shout me out dawg

Raving, Ravishing, Review

Favorite podcast was w Jon Moxley, loved hearing him speak to the best interviewer in wrestling today, also happy early birthday!


Van Vilet is the man! Always fun & interesting interviews guaranteed.

Great stuff

Love this and now that it’s the soundtrack for my trips to and from work, it’s even more appreciated. Thank you, CVV!

CVV is the man

Always a great interview with Chris. The best in the business.

2,000 Reviews

Just wanted to give a much deserved 5 star review to the best wrestling podcast in existence. I discovered the podcast last year on deployment with the MJF interview and “Chris Van Vlugh”. Keep up the great work!


This is no doubt the best podcast ever! It’s so awesome to learn about the wrestlers outside of the ring and how they are like. I’ve been watching CVV for a couple years now and it is my all time favorite podcast. Keep up the good work Chris love ya brotha. 🤟😝🤟

Top notch!

One of the best interviewers in-the-game today! Absolute top notch. God bless you.

It’s truly an INSIGHTful podcast

One day I saw his interview with Chris Jericho in a car pop up on my YouTube and I watched it. Every since then I could not stop watching his interviews. I have learn so much from the wrestlers that I grew up watching and its amazing how open they are in the interviews and the stories they share. Chris is amazing at what he does and I can’t wait to see who he interviews next.


You just hit play and the magic begins!!!!

Fire Podcast

Smooth talker. Enough said.



“You’re Welcome”

-Damien Sandow

Set goals like he says It actually works

Keep it up Chris your content does a lot of good for people all over! 2021 will be a year to remember

Great Show That Tickles My Fancy

I’ve been a fan for a while now. Love the podcast. It floats my boat as well as others. Some of the greatest wrestling interviews, if not the greatest you’ll find on the internet.


Your podcast is amazing Chris ! Just started watching/listening a couple months ago, but now I’m a huge fan! You ask the questions we all want to know the answer to! The Mike Chioda podcast was inspiring! He definitely needs to start a referee school, id be the first to sign up! Keep up the good work my dude! - Luis from Tulsa, OK!

Awesome Podcast!

Chris has a way of making it feel like all of his guest are old friends. Grateful for this podcast!

Great And Entertaining!

A true master of his craft who continues to improve, he brings a level of professionalism into pro wrestling like no one else!

Future GOAT

Quite possibly one of THE best interviewers out there right now! He puts his guests at ease and asks the right questions! Never a dull episode and I always look forward to the show no matter whom the guest may be. Did you know he’s interviewed the Rock 9 times! (So far) JetJaguar666 from YT

I Wish I Would’ve Discovered Sooner

Mr. Van Vliet I wish I would’ve discovered you sooner. I am currently in school in hopes of going down the same career path as you. My next assignment is to work on a fictional podcast episode and I really have studied you as my main inspiration. How much I enjoy your podcast cannot be put into words hopefully one day I’ll be able to reach the level that you are. I’ll definitely be sure to include you in my podcast assignment to introduce you to my classmates. Thank you for everything!!!


CVV in my opinion is the podcaster when it comes to wrestling! He never has a bad moment and how much respect people have for him is incredible! If possible, I’d love to give a shout out to my podcast A Pro Wrestling Podcast w/Matt and Friends! I started this podcast with 110% inspiration from hearing your show! The way you let these wrestlers speak without cutting them off is just amazing and you don’t see that much elsewhere! I will always be a fan and you can catch me always tuning in to Insight! Take care Chris and keep up the amazing content!


Good insight no pun intended

Chris I hope you read this on a episode(I doubt it lol)

Hello Chris, my name is Nelson. Well what can I say dude you are legit. I love your interviews and I have been listening to you for about 2 years and a half now. Since you only had your YouTube page and I transitioned over to this Apple podcast. I became a truck driver last year in September and I’ve been listening to you all over the nation. I hope one day we can get to meet each other after all this pandemic is over I am currently residing 45 minutes away from Chicago so a lot of wrestling there when things open up. I wish and pray nothing but the best for your career and you continue to crank these interviews out so I can listen to you all over the nation. One of the best interview podcasts out there, no doubt.

The Best of The Best

This is by far the greatest wrestling podcast in the world!!!! Chris makes every interview and conversation a delight to listen to. His interview skills and his personality really let the persons he is talking to feel comfortable and open with his precense. If there was really a Mount Rushmore for podcast interviewers there is not a doubt you would be in it my friend. Bless you always and congratulations on all your success 🙌🏻👍🏻

CVV podcast review

Fun podcast that looks into the lives of wrestlers or wrestling personalities. CVV is a great journalist and I really enjoy these interviews!

The best!

Chris is the best interviewer!