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Best In The World at what he does!

Chris brings a fantastic energy, enthusiasm, and professionalism to every single interview. Chris is a mega fan of Professional Wrestling, and that shows as he has interviewed the “Who’s Who of Wrestling,” on the Chris Van Vliet Show. Chris operates the best wrestling podcast today, and, unlike others in the field, he doesn’t cut people off or try to talk over them. Instead, he gives each person time to talk about their careers, their lives, or anything else that they feel like talking about at that current moment. I find it hard to listen to most other Wrestling podcasts after listening to the CVV Show. Keep up the fantastic work, Chris, and continue giving the rest of us Wrestling fans the very best Wrestling Podcast in the world today.

Couldn’t be happier to see such an accomplishment early on like 1000 five star reviews!!!

Great job Chris, from the awesome guests to the interview style allowing every guest to come on and tell their stories without a filter. Chris brings out stories from his guests in a way that reminds me of old school Howard stern segments. Congrats on 1000 and keep up the amazing work!!!

5 Star podcast!

I love The Chris Van Vliet show, the interviews are great and have so much positivity and inspiration in all of them. Keep up the great work. You are The Best!

Absolutely phenomenal work

Starting off and making my ways through the indies, CVV makes it almost a dream to be successful just to get an interview with him lol. CVV brings the greatest questions to all the talent he brings on. Keep it up, Chris!

We Did It!

Congrats on hitting over 1000 reviews CVV! Well deserved, you hold extremely inspiring interviews. Excited for the next 1000 reviews and cheers for many more interviews to come. Keep on pointing at that logo.

Chris is THE man!

By far the best wrestling podcast out there. Chris asks some of the most unique & compelling questions that the fans really want to hear. Definitely a great investment in time to listen. I will be a lifetime subscriber to this show!

Great podcast!

First found CVV in YouTube. I listen to a ton of podcast while working so I was thrilled when the show came in podcast form. Keep up the great work and I can’t wait to hear many more great interviews in the future!

Amazing stuff

I love listening to Chris’s podcast. Even with wrestlers I’m not to familiar with it’s good to hear them. He doesn’t ask the same basic questions as everyone else and it seems the people he interviews enjoy it as well. One of my favorite podcast not just in wrestling but in general will recommend to more people!


Greatest interviewer in the business. Every interview is fun. Learn so much about people that you wouldn’t get any where else.


Best wrestling podcast ever

Chris is the best!

I had the opportunity to chat with Chris and he’s by far the most genuine guy in the wrestling business! His podcast is second to none! I enjoy always listening to the amazing stories and information he gets from his guests! To more success!

The best

Great because It doesn’t feel like another show asking question to super stars. Also great that they share more than just experience in your show they also provide many suggestions for more information future wrestlers like great advice form bully ray or vampiro and the most recent ones FIVE STAR SHOW from A to Z

Love the pod

Every time I listen to your podcast I learn something new about these wrestlers


Chris van vliet chris chris van vliet The mecca of interviews!!!

A must listen for wrestling fans!

This show is a must listen for any wresting fan. Chris hands down has the best interviews in the business, asking all the questions fans want to know and more. AEW, WWE and everything else, Chis talks to them all. Go listen now!

Love the Pod!

Great interviews, great voice and great passion!


You da man!!! Love your interviews!

Great interview with Vampiro

Late to subscribe but I’m glad I’m here now. Last few weeks have been great.

Awesome all around!!!

Awesome podcast, Awesome interviews. I tune in every week from Vermont.