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May 24, 2022

You Were Not Meant To Live An Average Life - Ed Mylett On The Power Of One More

You Were Not Meant To Live An Average Life - Ed Mylett On The Power Of One More

Ed Mylett (@edmylett) is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, podcaster and world-renowned speaker. His new book called "The Power Of One More" is available on June 1, 2022. He joins Chris Van Vliet from his home in Laguna Beach, CA to talk about how you are one decision away from changing your life forever, he also talks about his morning routine, the most powerful guest he has had on his podcast "The Ed Mylett Show", what you can do today to start making massive changes in your life, how to make the best out of your 24 hours each day, the three things he is grateful for and much more!


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On what being 50 feels like:

“I would love to say that it didn’t hit me. So I wrote this book after my dad died, and I can vividly remember my dad at 50. It kind of hit me, I am potentially on the back 9 of my life. But at the same time, physically at 50 I look like my dad did at 30. I think it made me want to triple my efforts to really achieve my potential. My daughter asked me at my birthday party ‘Daddy, what’s up with this mid-life crisis you’ve got going on?’ I asked her what she meant and she talked about me taking selfies and being on social media. I am actually having a young life crisis, I don’t want to be the same person every year. When I was 30 years old, I was in a crisis to be a different person at 31. Now at 50, I am the same person with the same principles, but hopefully more expansion, growth and memories. I think turning 50 has inspired me to work more.”

On how his view of a day changed:

“I will give you some stuff that is in the book for free. I have an average IQ, 4th highest in my immediate family. So how was I going to be extraordinary? That’s not just me being self-deprecating, I had low self esteem and was the child of an alcoholic, so I had to fix things. 25 years ago I had the realisation that the most ridiculous thing in the world is a 24 hour day. It is the most antiquated concept ever, we still manage time the same way they did 300 years ago where there was no electricity, no internet and no smart phones. If I wanted to write you a letter 100 years ago, I write it, stick it on a horse’s butt and hopefully it gets to you in a month. Now I send a text message and we are connected in 30 seconds. How in the world are we measuring time the same way? My new working day is now 6am to noon. We all have those days where we get more done in a morning than in a week, that’s me every day. At noon a clock goes off and I look at what I need to get done the next day. So the next day is 6pm to midnight and then it’s midnight to 6am, if you stack that up, I have 21 days where you have 7.”

On his morning routine:

“It’s not as complicated as it used to be. I’ve scaled it down so it is transferable and sustainable. The first thing I do is I hit my knees and I pray, I do it on my knees because it reminds me of being small. I then get up and drink half a gallon of water before I even move, I am then energised. I have a gym in my house so I will train for half a hour. After that I will then look at my phone, I don’t look at it for the first 30 minutes, then I grab a coffee and I start my day.”

On where the title of the book The Power Of 1 More came from:

“So my dad was an alcoholic until I was 15, and this is hilarious, he got sober on 4/20. The rest of his life, he never celebrated his birthday on the actual day of April 11th, he actually celebrated it on April 20th because that was when he changed his life. I was raised in a chaotic environment, none of my friends would come to my house, it was a hard childhood. One day my dad is crying as he is driving me to school, he pulls over and said ‘Eddie, I am going to try and get sober again. I am going to give it one more try.’ I said to my dad ‘Well why is it going to be different this time?’ He said to me ‘I’m going to lose you and your sister and your mom, your mom is taking you away. I am losing my life and I want you to have a dad you can be proud of and mom can have a husband to be proud of and respect.’ He went away and he did [get sober] I asked him if he would be sober forever. He said ‘I can’t tell you that, but I can be sober for one more day.’ My dad stacked up those one more days for 35 years. I apply those one mores, stack them up and that is how I become successful.”

On how he has achieved success:

“I put it down to having great mentors. Obviously my dad was one, and I also got to know Tony Robbins and we have become great friends over the years. Another point when I was young, I won a contest to go Hawaii but I was broke. I looked at the food prices and we couldn’t afford to eat there all week, so I am going to the grocery store and walking through the lobby of the Ritz Carlton with grocery bags. So anyway, I am running before the sun is up and this bald guy comes running towards me with a hairy back and he is all sweaty. As he gets closer I realize it is Wayne Dyer, who is one of the all time great gurus in personal development. I yelled at Wayne, ‘Hey Dr. Dyer, you changed my life.’ He turned around and said ‘Well no, you changed your life, but how did I help?’ We sat on the beach and watched the sun come up for an hour and a half. Wayne said that I would change the world, and I thanked him, but advised me not to attach myself to my achievements. Instead, I should attach it to my intentions.”

On the first step to success:

“So I have a chapter in the book on being an impossibility thinker. Most people operates on memory and history, but there is a 1% that operates on vision and imagination. You are currently operating out of history and memory, where our mind deals with what we are familiar with. The reticular activating system (RAS) of the brain filters your entire life, and things won’t change unless you change that. So for example I get a red Tesla, then I am driving down the road and I see one, and another one. The thing is, they were always on the road, but you just didn’t notice them before. If you can unlock that and can believe your dreams will become true, then your dreams can become your Teslas. You will start to see things that were always there.”

On what he is grateful for:

“A God that loves me, family and one more opportunity in my life.”