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Santino Marella Is The Greatest Comedic Wrestler, Cobra Origin Story, Becoming "Santina"

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Santino Marella (@milanmiracle) is a professional wrestler known for his time in WWE and is currently signed to IMPACT Wrestling where he serves as the Director of Authority. He joins Chris Van Vliet at the Blue Wire Studios in Las Vegas to talk about his legendary WWE career, making his WWE debut at 31 years old, some of his most memorable moments like becoming Miss WrestleMania as Santina Marella, almost winning the Royal Rumble, setting the record for the fastest Royal Rumble elimination, how he came up with The Cobra finishing move, nearly beating Daniel Bryan at Elimination Chamber to win the WWE Championship, his daughter Bianca Carelli who wrestles in NXT as Arianna Grace, a possible dream match with Orange Cassidy and much more!

00:00 Intro
02:40 Canada
03:55 Italian Accent
04:40 WWE Debut - The Milan Miracle
11:26 Comedy Wrestling
13:24 Wrestlers Breaking Character
14:57 Making The Most Of Opportunities
16:34 Trying New Gimmicks
18:03 The Cobra
22:15 Unibrow
24:02 Santina Marella
27:18 Royal Rumble 2011
28:00 Elimination Chamber 2012
29:43 Fastest Rumble Elimination
30:48 Impact Wrestling
31:48 The Name ‘Santino Marella’
33:04 Not Using The Accent
33:23 Drew McIntyre
34:42 Bianca Carelli
37:29 Being A Parent
45:02 Starting Wrestling At 31
46:41 Favorite Opponents
47:37 DOA
48:53 Hall of Fame
49:28 Life Chapters
50:13 Leaving WWE
52:43 Advice To Students
56:30 Orange Cassidy
58:09 Wrestling Again
59:50 OVW
01:03:02 Gratitude

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