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Mike Bailey Explains His SPEEDBALL Nickname, Signing With IMPACT Wrestling, Josh Alexander

Speedball Mike Bailey (@speedballbailey) is a professional wrestler currently signed to IMPACT Wrestling. He joins Chris Van Vliet to talk about growing up in Canada, French being his first language and learning to speak English, how he got his "Speedball" nickname, his dream X Division opponents, his issues crossing the Canada/US border, how he turned the negative of not being able to enter the United States into a positive, wrestling fellow Canadian Josh Alexander, his wife Veda Scott and much more!

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00:00 Speaking French
03:49 Cutting Promos
05:29 Simpsons Quotes
07:46 Nicknames
09:33 Loving Pro Wrestling
11:15 What is a Speedball?
14:04 Did he consider MMA
16:07 Gaining Career Momentum
18:55 Match with Josh Alexander
21:07 Doing what you love
21:56 Scott D’Amore
23:52 Crossing the Canadian Border
28:33 Wrestling Internationally
30:13 Dream X Division Opponents
33:14 Most shared Mike Bailey moment
36:22 Goals
39:19 Gratitude

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