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John Morrison On AEW, Bad Bunny's WrestleMania Match, Logan Paul, Boxing At Creator Clash 2

John Hennigan (@THEPALACEOFWISDOM) is a professional wrestler who has worked for WWE, AEW, IMPACT Wrestling, MLW and Lucha Underground using the names John Morrison, Johnny Nitro, Johnny Impact, Johnny Elite, Johnny Mundo and Johnny Caballero. He joins Chris Van Vliet in Hollywood, CA to talk about his upcoming celebrity boxing match against Harley Morenstein from Epic Meal Time at Creator Clash 2, being released from WWE along with his wife Taya Valkyrie, his 3 appearances at AEW, working with Bad Bunny at WrestleMania 37, his thoughts on Logan Paul and Jake Paul, Kofi Kingston giving him credit for the Royal Rumble save spots, his splash from the top of the Elimination Chamber, why The Miz has been so successful in WWE and much more!
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00:00 Intro
00:26 Canadian Tuxedo
01:24 First Interview
02:52 Taya Valkerie
05:19 Miz & Mrs.
07:32 Celebrity Boxing
16:10 Royal Rumble
17:40 WWE Release
18:50 The Miz
20:55 Cody Rhodes
22:01 Tough Enough
25:39 Fitness
29:02 Bad Bunny
32:47 Logan Paul
36:04 Celebrity Boxing Name
41:17 Johnny Gargano
43:19 John Hennigan
44:11 John Morrison
46:23 AEW
47:57 Most Insane Moments
50:24: Kofi Kingston
53:11 Proudest Moments
56:27 Hall of Fame
57:14 YouTube
58:48 WWE Theme Song
1:00:00 Slow Motion Entrance
1:01:08 Filmmaking
1:02:48 Acting1:02:19 Gratitude

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