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Is Lio Rush Returning To WWE? Why His AEW Run Was Cut Short, Working With Bobby Lashley, Tony Khan

Lio Rush (@iamliorush) is a professional wrestler, musician and actor. He is known for his time with WWE, AEW, MLW and NJPW. He joins Chris Van Vliet in Los Angeles to talk about coming out of retirement, the recent matches he has had in MLW and NJPW, why his time in AEW was so short, what he thinks of Tony Khan, whether or not he thinks he will return to WWE, his music career, what he learned from working with Bobby Lashley in WWE and much more!

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00:00 Intro
00:26 Return To Wrestling
02:30 Retiring From Wrestling
05:17 Injuries
06:56 Other Sports
09:43 LA
13:12 Love of Pro Wrestling
15:32 Best In The World
19:43 WWE
22:55 Bobby Lashley
25:20 Kevin Hart
26:41 Regrets in WWE
30:59 Controversy
32:12 Returning to WWE
35:18 Growing Up
37:47 Consistent Paychecks
41:05 AEW
46:27 World Championship Aspirations
48:35 Best Work Outside of WWE
52:42 Training & Rehab
56:00 Tommaso Ciampa
57:11 Acting Goals
1:01:01 Power Rangers
1:01:58 Gratitude

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