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Downstait - The Band Behind Entrance Themes For Cody Rhodes, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler & More!

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Downstait (@Downstait) is a band from Fort Wayne, Indiana. They are known among pro wrestling fans for creating entrance themes for Cody Rhodes ("Kingdom"), The Miz ("I Came To Play"), Dolph Ziggler ("Here To Show The World" & "Perfection"), Alex Riley ("Say It To My Face"), Chelsea Greene ("Hot Mess"), Brit Baker ("The Epic"), Buddy Matthews ("Secret No More"), Dustin Rhodes ("Goldstew"), Matt Cardona ("When The Lights Go Down") and many others. The lead singer, Zach Call joins Chris Van Vliet to talk about how Downstait formed as a band, how working on the MTV show "Bully Beatdown" lead to the first wrestling entrance theme they did, being discovered by legendary WWE Music Producer Jim Johnston, how Cody Rhodes was able to keep his "Kingdom" entrance theme when he returned to WWE, the Easter egg of the WOAH in Cody's theme, his Mount Rushmore of entrance themes and much more!
00:00 Intro
02:06 Which WWE entrance themes have they done?
07:19 How ‘Kingdom’ saved the band
11:08 AEW themes they’ve done
12:08 The Miz theme Song
18:16 The process of making a theme
22:30 Evolution of the “Woah”
25:47 Securing Kingdom as Cody’s return song
29:04 Which song is he most proud of?
32:14 What happened with the Seth Rollins theme song?
34:31 Snoop Dogg Rapping over Kingdom
37:30 ‘Something Something Cody Rhodes’ Meme
38:30 Would they go on tour?
40:21 Who are they currently working on?
41:52 Who were his favorite wrestlers growing up?
45:58 Mount Rushmore of entrance themes
51:18 Gratitude

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