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D-Von Dudley Says There's No Heat With Bully Ray, Dudley Boyz Reunion, Favorite TLC Match, WASSUP

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D-Von Dudley (@testifydvon) is a professional wrestler and an inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame and the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame. He joins Chris Van Vliet to talk about his legendary career as both a singles competitor and part of arguable the greatest tag team of all time The Dudley Boyz, how he got his start in ECW, what he learned from Paul Heyman, why AEW is the perfect place for his twin sons Terrence and Terrell (TNT) to wrestle, the origin of the WASSUP and how Vince McMahon loved it, why he says a Dudley Boyz reunion is possible, he squashes the rumors that there is heat with Bully Ray and much more!

Check out D-Von Dudley's Wrestling School here:

00:00 Intro
00:26 How is D-Von’s Health?
01:16 Why AEW is best for his sons Terrence and Terrell
03:02 WWE under new ownership
03:43 His sons vs The Usos?
05:31 Matches D-Von produced in WWE
07:09 The Importance of Paul Heyman
08:39 Story of the D-Von character
13:41 Why were the Dudley’s successful
20:46 Road Warriors vs Dudley’s
23:09 His relationship with Bubba
28:36 Vince McMahon loved the Whatsuuuup
33:27 What’s missing from tag-team wrestling?
35:15 The history of TLC
39:05 His thoughts on Reverend D-Von
44:53 What is the secret to his selling?
46:16 Did he ever want to do anything else?
47:38 Parenting advice from The Rock
49:12 Will the Dudleys ever return?
54:49 Time spent at his wrestling school
57:14 WWE Hall of Fame ring inscription
58:17 Would he go back to WWE?
1:01:47 What’s he most proud of in TNA?
1:03:56 Memories of Aces & Eights
1:05:34 Tag Team Mt. Rushmore
1:07:10 3 Things D-Von is grateful for

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