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Chavo Guerrero Explains Those "Prostituting" Tweets To Rey Mysterio, Dominik's Heel Run In WWE

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00:00 Intro
03:16 Traveling to LA & Starting his own beer 🍻
05:41 Does he have heat with Rey Mysterio?
12:51 Dominik Mysterio using Eddie’s memory
15:16 Misunderstood things about Eddie Guerrero
16:26 What is it like working on ‘Young Rock’
20:32 Differences between Actors and Pro Wrestlers
23:29 Zac Efron as Kevin Von Erich in Ironclaw: The story of the the Von Erich’s
26:01 What he thinks about MJF
27:52 Working in All Elite Wrestling
30:23 Memories from Lucha Underground
34:39 What is his wrestling legacy?
36:33 How much longer will he wrestle?
37:18 What do fans ask about at autograph signings
38:36 Oooooh Chavo - The story behind his legendary entrance theme
39:27 The match people remember him for most
40:40 Memories of Los Guerreros
43:20 Working for every company in wrestling
44:30 Will Roman Reigns leave WWE for Hollywood
46:17 Why Chavo left WWE
49:13 3 Things Chavo is grateful for

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