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Austin Romero - WWE's Mike Rome On Ring Announcing, Tattoos, Comics & Geekdom

Austin Romero (@austinmromero) aka Mike Rome is a WWE ring announcer. He joins Chris Van Vliet in Hollywood, CA to talk about how he got hired by WWE, his approach to ring announcing, memorizing everyone's name, weight and hometown, working at Universal Studios before his WWE job, his love for comics, the meaning behind his tattoos, his favorite wrestler to announce and much more!

00:00 Intro
00:26 Hair
02:10 WWE Promo Photo
03:35 Universal Studios Characters
05:55 Acting & Hosting
06:46 Influencers
10:33 Youtube & TikTok
12:01 WWE Ring Announcing
16:24 Samantha Irvin
18:21 His WWE Tryout
20:13 Advice To Ring Announcers
23:55 WWE Video Game
25:33 Hair (continued)
27:05 John Cena
32:23 Michael Cole
33:01 Bruce & Michael Buffer
37:04 Ring Announcing Style
38:48 Working With WWE Legends
41:32 Weights & Hometowns
43:24 Ring Announcing Mistakes
46:02 Big WWE Returns
47:56 How Many Suits Does Austin Own?
48:56 Gratitude

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