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Anthony Bowens On The Acclaimed, Billy Gunn, "Scissor Me" Catchphrase, Max Caster's Rapping

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Anthony Bowens (@bowens_official) is a professional wrestler with All Elite Wrestling and is part of the tag team "The Acclaimed" with Max Caster. He sits down with Chris Van Vliet in Hollywood, CA to talk about signing with AEW, how Tony Khan paired him with Max Caster and created The Acclaimed, what he has learned from working with Billy Gunn, his plan to reunite Billy and Chuck, how he came out as gay to his family and friends, being an LGBTQ role model, what winning the AEW Tag Team Championships meant to him, why he decided to move to Los Angeles, his YouTube channel with his boyfriend called @michaelanthony7105 and much more!

00:00 Intro
02:06 AEW Tag Team Champion
03:57 Story of their AEW debut
05:06 Anthony Bowens before “The Acclaimed”
08:02 Crowd reaction
10:26 Max Caster’s raps
13:49 Billy Gunn & the origins of ‘Scissoring’
18:11 All Out 2021
19:36 Reaction to winning the tag titles
21:15 Darren Young coming out
24:54 Billy & Chuck
26:31 Being underestimated
28:12 Buff Bagwell
28:50 Almost signing with WWE
31:51 MLB aspirations
34:40 His wrestling origin story
38:11 Inspiring other LGBT people
40:25 Turning negatives into positives
42:21 Coming out
43:35 Moving to LA
48:04 Acting Goals
48:36 Gratitude

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