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Oct. 11, 2022

The Rock on Roman Reigns, Black Adam and What Is His Definition Of Success?

The Rock on Roman Reigns, Black Adam and What Is His Definition Of Success?

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson sits down with Chris Van Vliet in Los Angeles to talk about the new Warner Bros & DC Comics film BLACK ADAM, what The Rock's superpower and weaknesses are, his definition of success, whether he still keeps up with pro wrestling and the WWE, his thoughts on Roman Reigns as the Head of the Table and being the Tribal Chief.


Your superpower is just being so kind.

"Look, man, I always say like kind of being kind is and being nice. I heard a quote when I was 15, and I'll never forget it. And I use it as my lead foot, by the way, like in life, which is it's nice to be important. But it's more important to be nice. And I still feel that being nice and being kind is truly one of the easiest things to do. Because to me, it takes effort to be an asshole."

So that's your superpower. What's your weakness? Mine is pizza.

"Mine is tequila. That's a real bad combo man."

With everything that you've done in your career, wrestling, Hollywood, everything in between? That's such an amazing career. How do you define success?

"That's a great question, you're making me think about this, I'm gonna take a crack at it right now. I would say define success by having a positive influence on people. And in the world of entertainment, that is a small sector, but yet it can be very influential. And my goal in terms of the things that I do in this, on this side of entertainment, and some of the other businesses that I've started is the key, the number one anchoring element is to always make sure that people walk away feeling good, and that's important, walk away feeling good. Walk out of the theatres feeling good watching a movie. If they're watching it at home, they feel good when the credits are rolling. If there's a product that I've created and I deliver it, they feel good with that too, as well. So I define success by how it makes people feel. And I also would define success by raising some good babies, if you're fortunate enough to have some kids. I would define success that way too."

I mentioned wrestling. Are you keeping up with what's going on in WWE?

"I love wrestling. Always. Yeah, absolutely."

You're on chat wrestling. Do you want to let's do it. You acknowledge the tribal chief?

"I do. It's my family."

He says he's at the head of the table. But yeah, look, it's you.

"I think those guys are I think they're doing a great job. And I think what an interesting shift that the company has gone through this year, unexpected in many ways. But when expectations happen in that kind of way, and form and fashion, especially in that business, you got to have the ability and the agility to pivot, which they have. So with Roman I think he's doing a pretty good job and the boys too, The Usos, those two as well."