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Nov. 11, 2022

Millie Bobby Brown On Her 6 (yes, 6!) Dogs, Enola Holmes 2 & Feeling Like She Needs To Prove Herself

Millie Bobby Brown On Her 6 (yes, 6!) Dogs, Enola Holmes 2 & Feeling Like She Needs To Prove Herself

Millie Bobby Brown (@milliebobbybrown) is an actor and producer known for playing Eleven in the Netflix series "Stranger Things" as well as her roles in "Enola Holmes", "Godzilla: King of the Monsters" and "Godzilla vs. Kong". She joins Chris Van Vliet to talk about Enola Holmes 2 which is streaming now on Netflix, whether she feels people underestimate her because of her age, her 6 dogs and whether they get along with Henry Cavill's dog named Kal, the role where she felt like she had to prove herself the most and more!


Does anyone call you MBB? I get a lot of CVV myself.

"You do? No, if anyone does call me MBB I would not respond. I would tell them to call me Mills."

What has Enola been up to?

"She has now created her own detective agency. It's not going well becasue people are not trusting her because of her age and gender, so she has to really prove herself this time. Just as she thinks she has to cut her losses, this young girl comes in and takes her on a wild adventure."

The whole theme of this movie is about proving yourself. I am curious, when did you feel like you had to prove yourself?

"Actually I think during the first film [Enola Holmes]. With this one I got the incredible opportunity to be a producer, so I really wanted to prove myself despite my gender or age."

Do you feel like people do underestimate you becasue of your gender or age?

"I think it can be done. But I also think it is a systematic thing that women or young women are not capable of doing things. It happens every day, not just in this industry but in everyday life. I think it's about breaking down those stereotypes so that we are seen as an equal."

You and Henry [Cavill] get on so well on camera. I'm curious, what is it like when the cameras stop rolling?

"Well I mean, he's an animal lover and so am I. Both of our dogs mean the world to us, we have a common denominator there. But overall I am very lucky and grateful to work alongside someone like Henry."

Is your dog with you today?

"No, she goes to this luxurious doggy day spa to get her grooming, but I miss her terribly. I have 6 dogs, they don't all come with me but they do fly overseas with me."

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