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June 24, 2022

Kevin Hart & Woody Harrelson Are Absolute Legends!

Kevin Hart & Woody Harrelson Are Absolute Legends!

Kevin Hart (@kevinhart4real) is an actor, producer and comedian. Woody Harrelson (@woodyharrelson) is an Emmy Award winning actor and playwright. They join Chris Van Vliet to talk about their new action-comedy movie called "The Man From Toronto" that is streaming now on Netflix. We discuss Woody Harrelson's most iconic roles from Cheers to Natural Born Killers to White Men Can't Jump, Kevin Hart talks about getting mistaken for both Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Gary Coleman from "Diff'rent Strokes", he details his intense 4:30am workout routine and much more!

CVV's Take: Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson are absolutely perfect in their respective roles in this film with Hart providing his signature one-liners and Harrelson quite literally packing a punch. What the plot lacks in substance, it makes up for in entertainment value. This is the perfect movie to sit down on the couch, turn on Netflix and unwind with.  


Check out "The Man From Toronto" on Netflix: 


Despite living in America, I am in fact a man from Toronto

Kevin Hart: "Hence the pronunciation."

Woody Harrelson: "Yeah he never put the T in it. This is the first time we talked about this, we never brought this up."

In the movie Kevin, when your character messes something up it would be "Teddying" it. If Woody were to mess up, what would "Woodying" it look like?

Kevin: "Kill too easy. Killing without a real solid reason behind it, that was a real problem for Teddy. Just like how fast he went to murder, it's not that necessary and how you don't deem that to be that a problem."

OK Woody, what would "Kevining" it be?

Woody: "You know, just crushing it in life, that's Kevin. Now Teddy, he just messes everything up in life. With Kevin, it is the complete opposite, everything he touches turns to gold, it's unbelievable. What he he got like 19 TV shows and 12 movies, it's incredible."

As this is about mistaken identity, Kevin, what it is like being constantly mistaken for your friend Dwayne Johnson?

Kevin: "I get it a lot, it's the arms though, all bicep related. I told Woody earlier that it's either Dwayne or Willis from Different Strokes. Two different sizes."

Woody, who do people mistake you for the most or which character do they want you to be the most?

"I always find it kind of interesting. Some people say Natural Born Killers, some say White Men Can't Jump. It's interesting to see which one they say."

Who would you say is the biggest action star here?

Kevin: "Woody."

Woody: "Kevin is an action star, I've only done one action movie."

Kevin: "Woody man. He cones in and kicks ass. I love seeing Woody come in and kick some ass. I loved playing across him in The Man From Toronto. He never really let anybody in and he and Teddy's relationship would progress through the movie. I like that we got to see that through the movie and that journey of so tough break down by the time we got to the end. It takes a great mind to pull that off."

Kevin can you walk me through what your workout routine looks like?

Kevin: "Consistency. It's more about the diet than anything. But you know I am true to."

Woody: "Chick Fil A."

Kevin: "I can't find one in Ireland. But it's just the dedication to the schedule. I am a 4:30am riser, workout for an hour and a half, and Sunday is a steady cardio day. Sometimes when I am on set, I treat it like boot camp. You want the days to burn, workout in the morning and cardio at night when you have done the work. It just keeps the days moving.