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Aug. 12, 2022

Jamie Foxx & Dave Franco Talk About Their New Netflix Movie DAY SHIFT

Jamie Foxx & Dave Franco Talk About Their New Netflix Movie DAY SHIFT

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Jamie Foxx (@iamjamiefoxx) is an actor, musician, and comedian known for his films like Ray, Collateral, Any Given Sunday, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Django Unchained, and many others. Dave Franco is an actor known for his films like 21 Jump Street, Neighbors, Now You See Me, and The Disaster Artist. Their new movie called Day Shift is streaming now on Netflix. They sit down with Chris Van Vliet in Dallas, TX to talk about balancing action and comedy in this film, their favorite Snoop Dogg song, the roles that changed their career (Any Given Sunday for Jamie and 21 Jump Street for Dave), and Jamie Foxx ends the interview with a spot-on impression of Donald Trump.


Check out Day Shift here:


On Jamie Foxx not ageing:

Jamie Foxx: "I'm gonna tell you something that it interesting about our business. In the arts, you look a lot of people that have been doing this, there is something about we never grow up in our eyes. I think it sort of takes over our body and I don't feel it. I know the age that I am at and hanging with young guys, it keeps you on your toes."

On balancing the action and comedy:

Dave Franco: "I remember that we were shooting a kind of intense scene on the very first day. I am like this is an intense scene and he [Jamie Foxx] was like 'OK, let's add some real weight to this scene, it's intense. But also, let's add some comedy here and wherever we can.' That is what adds that extra layer. So in ever scene the director let us add whatever we wanted and it was easy."

Jamie Foxx: "He is being very honest. I watched Robin Williams work in the same fashion, where he would show up and have a bag of all these different things that he wanted to try, and he killed it. I think that is what makes the movie jump, I said to J.J. [Perry - director] 'If Dave Franco is not in it, then I don't want to do the movie.' One, I have ben trying to work with the dude for a long time and he has something special. We have been watching everything."

On what role changed their lives:

Jamie Foxx: "Any Given Sunday. I was trying to do comedy movies and everything did either looked like a Martin Lawrence movie or sounded like an Eddie Murphy pitch. So Oliver Stone, who wasn't as familiar with me, aid that he needed someone to play this quarterback. I said that I played quarterback in high school, that changed the trajectory of my art. It went from trying to find the joke to having this incredible arc."

Dave Franco: "I love that a lot of your roles are you growing playing football and then being in Any Given Sunday.And then with Django, you grew up riding horses. It's amazing. The thing that set me on a different trajectory was 21 Jump Street.That movie I fought really hard for, I went in 7 times for that movie. Leading up to that, I had been working on stuff but I wasn't proud of it. I started telling friends and family to not go and see what I was in. I started making comedy videos with one of my best friends and we put them on Funny or Die. Even though they were on a small scale, it was an accurate representation of my sense of humour. The director of 21 Jump Street told me that one of the reasons that I got the job was because they saw these videos."