The Latest Episodes of INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet
May 12, 2020

Hurricane Helms on beating The Rock, working as a WWE producer, 3 Count, the Vertebreaker

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"The Hurricane" Shane Helms chats with Chris Van Vliet from his home in Joco, North Carolina. He talks about being released from his job as a WWE producer during the layoffs on April 15 and compares it to his release in 2010, making his debut in 1991 and next year being 30 years in the wrestling business, being in WCW and forming 3 Count with Moore and Evan Karagias, how Stone Cold and The Rock led to the creation of The Hurricane character in 2002, his sidekicks he had in Rosey, Molly Holly and Stacy Keibler, why he wanted to turn heel and become Gregory Shane Helms and much more!

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