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Aug. 25, 2022

How To Avoid Burnout & Achieve Balance With Cary Jack Of The Happy Hustle

How To Avoid Burnout & Achieve Balance With Cary Jack Of The Happy Hustle

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Cary Jack (@cary__Jack) is a lifestyle entrepreneur, author, podcast host, professional actor/model, biohacker, eco-warrior, martial artist, and humanitarian striving to make a positive impact on this planet. He split time growing up on the beaches of Sarasota, Florida, and in the mountains of Red Lodge, Montana where he first learned the art of a balanced lifestyle. He joins Chris Van Vliet to talk about the importance of achieving balance, how you can start living a life of passion and purpose, what it means to be a "Happy Hustler", a quick test you can do to see how aligned you are in your life and much more!


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On what Happy Hustle is all about:

“Happy Hustle is all about infusing your passion and your purpose to make an impact. I know that those are all buzzwords, but if I break it down, it is doing something that is your inner calling from the divine, that’s the passion. The purpose is who are you serving? Then you make a positive impact while being blissfully balanced in the process.”

On people needing to have a bad job to pay the bills:

“I’ve had to do things that I didn’t want to do either, I wore a banana suit outside of 2 smoothie shops! This was to get the foot traffic as opposed to the car traffic in Florida, it was so hot! But I have done all sorts of things in exchange for money, legal and illegal. The first thing I will tell people is that I have been there, I have done things that I do not enjoy for money. But now I get to do things that I do enjoy, and I am so grateful that I get paid to do it. I truly believe you have to earn the right to do what you love, and you are not going to love everything. Wherever you are now in your journey, that’s ok, but want more and dream bigger, that is the important piece. Then find out where you want to be and reverse engineer it to get to where you want to be.”

On what is Cary Jack’s dream:

“The biggest dream for me right now is I want these 10 alignments of being a happy hustler fridge magnet that has my framework on it, I want that on every fridge in America and then on every fridge in the world. The reason is because I want people off their devices and focus on things that will increase their happiness.”

On the 10 alignments of being a happy hustler:

“So the 10 alignments, they didn’t start as this fully flushed out framework, but it makes up this acronym, soul mappin’, I want you to rank these from 1 to 5, where 5 is where you are crushing it. In the past 30 days, where are you at in these areas:

  • Selfless service - Are you living for yourself?
  • Optimised health - Are you mentally and physically optimised, or are you eating junk?
  • Unplugged digitally - How reliant are you on technology?
  • Loving relationships - Do you have love in your life?
  • Mindful spirituality - Are you tapping into a higher power?
  • Abundance financially - Are you living paycheck to paycheck?
  • Personal development - Are you growing and evolving?
  • Passionate hobbies - Are you scheduling the things that fill you with joy?
  • Impactful work - Are you infusing passion and purpose to make a positive impact?
  • Nature connection - Are you getting outside and connecting with nature?

Add up those scores, if you are a 37 or above, you are a happy hustler! But you must give equal importance to each of these, but focus on each one at a time.

On how to connect with Cary Jack:

“I actually have the book; 10 habits to achieve the happy hustle and avoid burnout. It’s got pictures, cheesy jokes, and all that stuff. The book is actually free, all you have to do is help out with shipping costs. You can also get the magnet to have the habits in your home.”

On how Cary Jack crushes every day:

“So every day I wake up and I drink my green juice, I hyper hydrate in the morning. I actually suffered from a brain injury where I almost died from carbon monoxide poisoning. Now I take brain supplements to help optimize my cognitive power, but I have always been into biohacking. I also have a rule of every day before I shower I do naked push ups or pull ups. I do as many as I feel like doing, but that rule is non-negotiable.”  

On what Cary Jack is grateful for:

“God, my fiancée and the opportunity of life.”