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July 1, 2022

How Stem Cell Treatments Are Changing Wrestling And Sports With BioXcellerator CEO & Founder Eric Stoffers

How Stem Cell Treatments Are Changing Wrestling And Sports With BioXcellerator CEO & Founder Eric Stoffers

Eric Stoffers is the CEO and Founder of BioXcellerator (@bioxcellerator). He joins Chris Van Vliet to explain exactly what stem cell therapy is and how it works, why athletes like Kevin Nash, Brian Cage, Bobby Lashley, Rey Mysterio, Frank Mir and hundreds of others have received treatment with them, what kind of results you can expect, what the future of medicine holds and much more!


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On helping wrestlers:

“It turns out, I haven’t been a wrestling fan since I was a kid, but now we treat some of the best wrestlers out there. It turns out that they are probably the most elite athletes of them all. Kevin Nash says in his testimonial, being a wrestler is like being in 100 car wrecks a day. Their bodies go through so much trauma, they go through so much but we are so proud to be showing the great results.”

On how it all works:

“So the stem cells are the ones in your body that are inherently able to continuously divide over time. Just like everything else in time, things slow down, stem cells included. They are not able to divide as rapidly and heal yourself nearly as well as you could when you are younger. The cells that we use are the mesenchymal ones from the umbilical cord. One thing I would like to point out is that this is not the controversial embryonic ones that you might have heard about on the news. There is no controversy here, we take a healthy mom and healthy baby, but if the mom decides to donate the healthy umbilical cord, we can help thousands of people that are suffering from chronic pain or autoimmune disease. We can take those cells, multiply them and help them fight disease.”

On why they are based in Colombia and not in the USA:

“Unfortunately the highest level science has progressed so quickly that the FDA have not really caught up to how far the technology has advanced. Some of the language in the FDA we consider as antiquated, when they catch up we hope we can administer this in the USA. Right now we have to go offshore to countries like Colombia and other progressing countries in South Asia.”

On a typical patient:

“We are very fortunate to have guys like Kevin Nash, Bobby Lashley and guys from the UFC and the NFL. So we are very fortunate to have athletes do these testimonials, but really it is the guy or gal that is getting up there in age and wants to live a better and stranger life without the pain. We also have people who are suffering from neurological or autoimmune diseases. Everyday folk are the majority of our patients, but athletes who depend on their performance, they are visiting on a consistent basis.”

On if this will be a normal procedure in the future:

“Absolutely. I am an entrepreneur and a business guy. I wouldn’t get into this if I didn’t believe that this wasn’t going to work, but it should be a paradigm shift in the way that we treat the condition. As incredible as surgeries and drugs are, I think they are over prescribed and in the wrong direction. The most invasive surgeries are the go-to for doctors, when they could be the last. Stem cells help to get to the systemic cause and help the body repair itself. I do believe that this will be a shift.”

On where the journey began:

“So I started in the real estate industry where I was selling homes and flipping houses. For me, when I was in the real estate career, I came across this group of scientists that were performing their research with remarkable results. I immersed myself in the technology and in stem cells and made the transition away from real estate. This was another entrepreneurial endeavour, where now the stakeholders are patients and giving people the opportunity to live a better life.”

On if anyone can have stem cell treatment:

“Yeah we get healthy people come to us all the time. What we are doing is increasing the ability of your own body to fight disease and promote the body to do its own healing. What we see a lot of is celebrities and millionaires looking to live longer, which we all want to do while living better as we get older. A simple IV injection can reduce inflammation and upregulate or downregulate the immune system.”

On what treatment looks like:

“The treatments are mostly non-invasive. It can be a simple injection, a couple of needle pokes and 2 seconds later it is over. What we do see is there is a little bit of inflammation depending on how bad the injury is. An athlete can have around 48 hours of inflammation, that’s the worst it can be. We mostly ask our patients to be there for 5 days, because we complement the stem cells with things like cryogenic therapy and red light therapy, cryotherapy and a host of alternatives. We like our patients to be there for a week. But if you wanted a shoulder to be done, it can only take a couple of hours.”

On if someone can’t afford stem cells:

“Unfortunately people in America don’t like talking about it, but nutrition is essential. But also the cold plunge, which is essentially free, that is a good place to start along with nutrition and exercise.”

On the 5 year plan:

“I hope that we can have a stronger presence in the USA. Most of our patients are from America, but the stronger presence is down to the FDA and not us. But now we need more locations in more strategic areas. We will continue to be the global leaders and expand the technology and apply it to real life and help patients every single day.”

On what he is grateful for:

“The people in my organisation, my parents and great people like you.”