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May 6, 2022

Craig Robinson On The Office, Pizza Hut, How He Made It In Hollywood & The Bad Guys

Craig Robinson On The Office, Pizza Hut, How He Made It In Hollywood & The Bad Guys

Craig Robinson is an actor, comedian and musician. He joins Chris Van Vliet to talk about his new animated film THE BAD GUYS where he voices Mr. Shark. Craig discusses how he paved his own way in Hollywood, his Pizza Hut commercials and what he would order on his pizza, playing Darryl Philbin on "The Office", how he took his career into his own hands after moving to Hollywood, being a teacher before making it as an actor/comedian and more!


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So much of this movie is the idea of being scared of something that you don't really understand. There's a wolf, a snake, a tarantula! But Craig, what scares you?

"Hmmm, questions. I am a Scorpio, can't get too deep."

Is it because you don't know the answer or you can't reveal too much?

"It's the revealing, I gotta keep it mysterious man."

I just heard the interview you did with Dax Shepheard where you say you don't do podcasts.

"The name of my podcast is This is why I don't do podcasts if I ever create one."

One of the best things about doing an animated film is that you can wear anything while recording. What is Craig Robinson's recording attire?

"A t-shirt, shorts and flip flops, easy. The flip flops feel like I am at the beach. The beach has the ocean, and the ocean has the shark, boom!"

You are on TV a lot with The Office and Pizza Hut commercials. What would Mr. Shark order if he would order a pizza?

"Oh easy. It would be a meat lovers with no onions."

Where do you feel it all began where you took control of your own career?

"When I got to Hollywood, I think there was a time where I decided to approach everything like with rhythm and music. That might have been a turn, I think there was a time of figuring out where you have to care without caring. So you have an audition, you prepare for it, you cannot care about the result, you just have to live it. If you care, you will drive yourself crazy."

How long did it take you to realize that you were just going to be you without caring?

"I think I just got there, I had no choice. I came from comedy doing stand-up, well it's stand-up but I am sitting down and playing the keyboard. I could separate myself and do what I do, I don't know how to be anything else."

I know you used to be a teacher. Do any of your old students ever reach out?

"Yeah they will sometimes reach out randomly sometimes. They will hit me on Instagram like 'Mr Robinson, you are such an inspiration, thank you.' And I say the same thing to every one of them 'I'm not your teacher anymore, please don't contact me!' I'm kidding! It's really nice of them to reach out to me, a lot of them have families now."

Is there a crossover between doing music and voice over?

"Everything is music to me. When I am trying to memorize something, I try to put it in a song."