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June 7, 2022

Adam Sandler! The Legend Himself Joins Us With HUSTLE Co-Star Juancho Hernangomez

Adam Sandler! The Legend Himself Joins Us With HUSTLE Co-Star Juancho Hernangomez

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Adam Sandler is an actor, comedian and filmmaker. He stars in the new movie HUSTLE with NBA player Juancho Hernangomez from the Utah Jazz who makes his acting debut in the film. They both join Chris Van Vliet to talk about HUSTLE which is streaming on Netflix as of June 8, producing the movie with LeBron James, Adam Sandler's Oscar snub for Uncut Gems, how acting in a drama is different from a comedy, the life lessons that basketball teaches, the dream team of Adam Sandler characters and more!

CVV's Take: HUSTLE delivers on every level and once again shows that Adam Sandler isn't just the goofy character we got to know in films like THE WATERBOY, BIG DADDY or BILLY MADISON. While it's a sports movie, it also has all of the elements of a feelgood drama and is easily one of the best things to watch on Netflix at the moment.


For more information about HUSTLE visit:


Adam I am curious. Since you produced this movie with LeBron James, does this officially make you LeBron’s teammate?


Adam: “We’ve been teammates, I can say that for the rest of my life. When LeBron and I were on the same team, we shared the rock [laughs]. Yes, yes it does, thank you man.”


Juancho: “Yeah man, my teammate LeBron James asked me for movie, I said ‘yes of course.”


Adam: “He [Juancho] has got a picture with him and LeBron. I’m in it too, but I happen to look a lot shorter than these guys.”


So much of this movie is about betting on yourself and trusting your gut. What was your moment in your life where you did that?


Juancho: “It was probably before the draft. Coming to the NBA I did not speak English. I had been playing pro in Spain for 3 or 4 years, but it is nothing close to the NBA or NBA players. So I take my chances, work out really good and I was a first round pick. It made my dream come true, and it was probably the best day of my life.”


Adam: “The ebay day of my life was where I thought I was going to get drafted. But the dream was over when my father said to me ‘What the hell are you talking about!’ My bet on myself was like a slow bet. I was dumb enough back in the day where I said that I was going to be Eddie Murphy. I thought I would be the next Eddie Murphy, I had no idea how I got that confidence, but that became the obsession.”


What is your approach with a drama and how is it different to a comedy?


Adam: “You know what, when you are shooting you know what the scene means in a comedy and you know what the scene means in a drama, it’s just the day to day work. When you make a movie, 30 40 50 days on a set, it’s just doing your days work and making sure that it makes sense.”


Juancho, what do you think is the best lesson that basketball has taught you about life?


Juancho: “Same as the movie. Never give up and keep chasing your dreams. I don’t have any regrets on how hard I worked to make my dream come true. Even if I fail at the end, I will have a career and I would do it all again. I have no regrets on the bad moments, I became who I am for every moment. I would not change the past, I love how it goes and how I learned from the bad moments and the good moments.”


So picture this, it’s a game of basketball and you have all the Adam Sandler characters. Who are you picking first?


Adam: “Bobby Boucher come here.”


Juancho: “I’m picking Happy Gilmore. He can shoot good 3 point shots.”