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Listening to the Ryan Pineda episode right now, such a great guest. One of my side hustles happens to be content creation for a house flipper and this episode has really inspired me to pitch a full time gig with this successful flipper. Thank you for the diverse guests! Carrot top was amazing! I feel like your show is a road map to taking action on goals. Thank you CVV!

Hands down my favorite podcast, favorite host. “Vague goals get vague results” -CVV show. Is written real big at the top of my white board because it’s not only true but an effective way to stay focused. Your conversations are easily digestible and a treat while I’m out making deliveries. I appreciate your show as a great way to stay positive in such a crazy time through this pandemic. You have inspired me to take action on my goals as well as launch my very own show. The Room Sound Podcast, on music and inspiration to grow and create. Thank you for what you do. GIVE CVV A TV SHOW! (But please don’t stop this podcast, EVER!) -Cory

Nov. 15, 2021 by c. snelson on Apple Podcasts

Insight with Chris Van Vliet