Insight with Chris Van Vliet

High energy! Great people! Awesome content!

Listened to episode “Mark Henry on his fake retirement.” Love the intro, so much energy! Congrats on a whole year of podcasting. You definitely have a unique voice. Great sound equipment as well. Enjoyed your enthusiasm throughout the episode. I can tell you are a true pro wrestling fan. Awesome hearing Mark Henry on this episode as he is so transparent. His story is compelling and an inspiration. You ask great questions during the interview. Able to probe and get deep into your guests psyche.

I appreciate that you are even willing to touch on the subject of racism. It’s so important to talk about at this time. Thank you for helping to spread awareness. Mark Henry is very vulnerable here and shows a new side. Favorite quote was “Hard work pays off, and if you sacrifice you get rewarded.”

Such an awesome podcast! Recommend this to anyone who enjoys pro wrestling and great talks with a vibrant host!

July 11, 2020 by Jerome Shaw 🤲🏾 on Apple Podcasts

Insight with Chris Van Vliet