Insight with Chris Van Vliet

The day Chris vanvliet saved me

It was Christmas at that time and I was shopping last minute as usual. It was pretty darn late to be shopping either way a suspicious car was following me as I was walking to my car .All of sudden they jumped out and tried to steal my car and the last person I could think of was Chris vanvliet .!! Omg he’s here the legendary Chris .took them down and rock bottomed one of the thief’s believe me !! Anyways I asked him what can I do for this such heroic thing.all he asked was to listen to his podcast and leave a 5 star rating. So here I am hearing his podcast their the best . He is the reason I still keep passionate for pro wrestling love you Chris

Much love from Miguel 🤘🏽🦕

July 29, 2020 by angelinakalz on Apple Podcasts

Insight with Chris Van Vliet