Insight with Chris Van Vliet

On another level

Chris’s Podcast is something that I look forward to to get me through the day at work. I am a delivery driver and I get to hear all of his podcasts. They get me through the day, but more importantly, there are many times when I listen that I am inspired by Chris and his guests. Listen to this podcast. Its a good way to hear the deep information of the world of wrestling that we all crave. My favorite part of the show is hearing Chris ask his guests what they are grateful for. It’s great way to end the show, and it makes me think about the things that I am grateful for. And being grateful and focusing on those things can change my outlook on life in times when things don’t feel like they are going so good.
Thanks Chris, Lee up the good work,

Joseph from Asheville NC

June 22, 2021 by The-joShmo on Apple Podcasts

Insight with Chris Van Vliet